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It's the edited version of chapter one. I have made it longer and much more clearer.
A Dream

It was a cloudy and a rainy night. Everywhere seemed very dark and I found myself walking along the road near Mersin city civil hospital. No one was there except a few cars which were parked along the street. Then suddenly I began to have a strange feeling, a feeling as I was lost among the dark shadows and felt very lonely. Eerie shadows caste by the streetlights added to the feeling of empty echoes in my heart. As they shifted darkness washed over me carrying with it, a nameless fear pricked by screams and voices. Someone was calling...someone was screaming and growing closer.. My attention caught that someone running toward me and some others who were chasing her. I stopped and watched them closely, they were some monstrous creatures who were chasing the innocent girl, I was able to see that the girl was badly beaten and wounded. When they came closer I got scared, I wanted to run but at the same time I wanted to stay. I didn’t move because I wanted to help her but I was afraid too, very afraid that I couldn’t put a step ahead.

Finally she managed to reach for me and without a word to say or a help to ask, she fainted. I could see the beauty and innocence behind that wounded face and injured hands. I could feel the warm and tired breathe of hers touching my cold skin and her soft dark brown hair waving inside my arms. I was afraid because in any moments I could get hit by those creatures, but when I raised my head to see them, there were no one to chase and nobody to hit. And I was holding a beautiful young girl in my arms where my fear was already gone.

A second later, when a hot stream of liquid run on my hand’s surface, I knew that something wrong is happening. She was bleeding, those filthy creatures must have beaten her so hard that the blood from back of her head didn’t know to stop. I couldn’t lose her, I didn’t want to. Because I had began to feel something special for her when I saw her at the first time.

The hospital was near, I got inside and run to the doctors asking for help, holding an injured girl in my arms. Some of the doctors were still awake, when they realized they hurried for help.

“ Please help me doctor! she is in a bad condition and she is also bleeding from ” I said to the doctors while they took her out of my arms and carried her inside the operation room.

I waited for a long time, I wanted to wait because I had to see her safe. I had to see her opening her beautiful eyes. She had suddenly become so much precious for me and I didn’t deserve to lose her.

I heard the sound of the door opening in my left and I quickly stood up while the doctors came out. I stopped one of them and asked about her.

“ What was your name boy? ” he replied to my question.

“ It’s Daniel sir, my name is Daniel ” I said to him but my mind and focus was at the girl. The doctor raised her hand and guided me to the operation room.

“ Come along gentleman, let’s have some word with you first ” he said with a soft behavior and a smile on his face.

I went inside after the doctor and there she was, a beautiful young lady relaxing on the bed with her eyes open. When she realized us coming, she raised herself to sit to her back and watched us. Next to her bed on the table, there was a digital clock which also didn’t escape my attention because it was showing 3.15am. It was late night and I hadn’t realized it all this time. Again my eyes went to hers, to her magical hazel eyes. I stopped for a second and wished if I could stop the time to keep looking at her and to keep discovering her beauty when a voice interfered and ruined my wish. It was the doctor.

“ Pardon me sir? ” I said because I couldn’t catch what he had just told me.

“ I said do you know this lady Daniel? ” he said with a heavy tune in his voice, that was probably because I wasn’t paying attention to him the last time. But before I could say ‘No’ to him I heard the girl began talking.

“ Arielle doctor. My name, It’s Arielle ” she said with a bit of anger on his face.” “ And yes doctor, we know each other. Daniel is my friend ” she continued.

‘Friend? When did we become friends?' I thought. Why did she say like this, maybe because she wanted to hide something from the doctor, and maybe from me too.

Now The doctor was suspicious, he looked at me again and said: “ How did this happen? Where did you find Miss Arielle? ”

I froze for some seconds then hesitated, I didn’t know what to say after she lied about our friendship. The doctor was waiting for an answer but I was still busy thinking what to lie when she again interfered with her words and sentences.

“ I asked him to come and meet me there in front of the hospital, I waited there about fifteen minutes before he came. When arrived, I tried to cross the street where a car hit me and I found myself here, the car was very fast I couldn’t help myself. ” she explained.

When she was talking about all these, I could see that she had an uncanny ability of hiding her face and emotions, and she was perfect at it. Because the doctor believed them all and I was really surprised. He turned to me again and asked if they were all correct, only to test if I was telling the truth.

“ Yes, sir ... ” I said but my hesitation was nearly gone this time. I didn’t know why I lied to the doctor, it seemed like it wasn’t kind of my choice. Maybe because Arielle put one of her charms on me to make me say that or maybe because I had begun to like her so much that I couldn’t come against her choice. Whatever it was, it made me agree with all of her explanations in the end.

I was sunken in those thoughts when I found that the doctor had already left the room and there was only me and her. She was busy looking out of the window, ‘Is it those monstrous creatures she looking or something else?’ I thought. So I went to check up but I saw no living things. I wanted to know more about everything that had happened outside of the hospital. The time and the position was perfect for a conversation and I started to ask my first question.

“ Who are you? ” I spoke softly, but she didn’t answer. I knew her name of course, but I wanted to know more about her and her family. However, to my bad luck it didn’t work. So I came asking again.

“ What were those creatures and why were they chasing you? ” She was so busy looking outside that she didn’t answer this one either. I was wondering so I went looking outside again. Even there was nothing enjoyable but I kept watching. I did this because maybe she needed some air, some time to sink in about all that happened to her. But at the end I was exhausted waiting too long, so I asked again.

“ Why did you lie to the doctor? You could have told him what the truth was ” this time I was a little serious. So she turned her eyes to me and said:

“ I didn’t, you agreed with me remember. So that doesn’t make me a liar ”

“ I agreed because I saw that creatures the doctor didn’t, and because you didn’t believed the doctor so I thought it would be fine for you to tell me first ” When I said this to her, she came down from the hospital bed and stood right in front of me. We looked at each others eyes for a while and then she began talking.

“ So you are saying that you don’t know me, Daniel. It doesn’t matter, because I know you very well. All I ask from you is try, try remembering me Daniel... ”

My eyes widened in shock and surprise, everything started to change in my mind including that wonderful and romantic feeling I had for her. I could feel the darkness began to surround me and fear was growing fast all over my body. ‘How is it possible for her to know me?’ We were still staring at each other but she had that devilish smile on her face this time. She was trying to put some memories in my mind, some nightmarish memories.

My head was killing me because it had begun to pain so badly. I didn’t want to look at her eyes anymore so I closed them but it went in regrets, because I was seeing Arielle everywhere now. I wasn’t picturing her in my mind, she was doing it herself because I could sense it. I saw her murdering a man with a katana-like blade, and again I saw her cutting another person’s throat with a short red spear. Everywhere was covered in blood and everything went red. I didn’t have a choice but to open my eyes, so I did.

When I opened my eyes again, things went form bad to worse because I was seeing a nightmare. There was a mirror in front of me which wasn’t some seconds ago. I saw myself lying on the ground with a huge sword inside of me and eyes closed. I saw myself dead but in that mirror I saw my murderer too. I saw who was holding that giant sword inside my chest, she didn’t escape from my sight.

It was a creature with a pair of dark wings and red devilish eyes, and it was holding the sword. Then suddenly the creature’s face turned to me, not to the lying me but to the real me outside the mirror. I could recognize it’s face, it was Arielle. Inside the mirror, she took the huge sword out of my body and came out of the there. It was my first time that I felt death. Arielle, with red devilish eyes and a pair of dark frightening wings, walked next to me and spoke kind of spooky.

“ You don’t get it do you? ”

I was ready to die. The dark shadows of death covered every inch of my body as she continued.

“ I am a memory of your past, a shadow of your present and a part of your future... ” she whispered in my ears.

I had already died and my heart had already stopped out of fear if I didn’t wake up at the right time. Every part of my body was wet from sweat and my hand was bleeding because I had broken the glass of water next to me on my table. Thank God I was dreaming, but suddenly I stopped for a second and thought 'Was that really a dream?'. I couldn’t quiet believe that a dream could be so true. I was feeling all of them like I do in the real world, I could feel touching Arielle when she was in my arms at the beginning of this dream. It was really weird because I have never experienced something like that before.

Then I realized that I was quite thirsty, so I went to another room to drink something. Actually I was ready to drink anything right then. I went to other room, switched the lights on and found some water to drink. But to my shock and horror, I saw a mirror right next to me which was always used to be there. I remembered that scene of my dream where I was lying on the ground with a sword tearing inside of me in the mirror.

Since it wasn’t like a dream, I decided to see and check my chest once again. I was curious, my heart wasn’t in it but still I took off my clothes and the next thing I saw was very much terrifying. Starting from my chest and ending to my stomach, there existed a terrible marking which could make anyone understand that this area was cut sometimes ago. This nearly made the shit out of me, you would ask why? Because the markings did not existed in my body for five years.

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