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A little sister innocently teasing, or maybe it's deeper after all?
If you had one wish, I wonder what it'd be?
Would you wish to be bird, or perhaps a golden key?
Would you wish to be an apple, whose taste could not be eaten?
Oh no! Surely not! For shame if you were eaten!

Perhaps, you'd wish for something then? A boon for no one else?
Perhaps a pretty blue dress, or a statue of yourself?
Maybe you'd wish for great riches, or a little silver bell,
That every time you brushed it, would give a joyful yell.

Mayhap you'd want a kingdom or an island all your own?
Or maybe an entire planet where you'd be all alone?
But no that terribly silly, how could such a thing be?
How could you want solitude, as lonely as the sea?

You could not want a little bell, a key or a bird, true?
And how could you want a dress, when it'd never suit you?
You simply can't want money, nor a planet to yourself.
So... perhaps you'd wish for a perfect sister, who looks much like myself?

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