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by Chris
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The first eviction ever!!! Who will be leaving?
(Previously on Big Brother Posted, 10 houseguests entered the house, and got ready for a big surprise: the MVP and the saboteur. Friendships easily began to bloom as the first alliance, The Glamour Girls, which consisted of Tiffany, Lynette, and Karissa, kicked into full swing. There were also many arguments as Candi brought lots of drama into the house. Meanwhile, the saboteur was having fun as the saboteur pulled his first diabolical deed, messing the up the room of the first HOH, Austin, who had nominated Candi and William for eviction, but the saboteur wasn't done yet, as Lynette fell for the saboteur's trap, and got locked in the diary room. Karissa took control as she won both the MVP power and the Power of Veto, dubbing her a threat to the house. In an attempt to get the tough players on Karissa's side, she decided to take him off the block, and Austin out up a pawn, Jin, to get out the actual target, William.)
On this episode:
Jin and William fight to keep themselves safe
Lynette reacts to the saboteur's trap
The saboteur has one last trick up his sleeve for the first week
One person will be evicted
Austin's reign will come to an end, and a new Head of Household will be crowned

It all happens now on Big Brother Posted!!!

Host: Hello, world. Once again, it is me, the host with no name. This first week has been one to remember with alliances, strategies, and fights, but the week is still not over yet, and by the end of the episode, one houseguest will be evicted. Will it be the chemist, William, or the teacher, Jin? Who will be evicted, but first, Jin and William are fighting for votes, and also, the saboteur has been playing the house for a while now, but nobody has been more of a victim to it than Lynette, the diva architect.


Karissa: This is the veto ceremony. I have the power to save one of the nominations from eviction. I am not going to make you say why you deserve it. I am just going to cut to the chase. I have decided...
To use the veto...
On Candi.
*Candi jumps up, takes the veto necklace, hugs Karissa, and sits on the couch*
Everyone: 0_0
Karissa: Austin, since I have vetoed one of your nominations, you must now select a replacement nomination.
Austin: I have thought about it, even though I did not expect it, but Jin, I choose you.
*Jin frowns, and sits on the chair, beside William*
Karissa: And with that, the veto ceremony is adjourned.

Confessionals: (Jin) Okay, I have no idea why Austin would possibly put me up as a replacement nominee. Why would he do this to me? Looks like I am going to have to talk to him later.

Confessionals: (William) This week has not been so good for me has it, but as I have been showcasing this week, I have a plan, and now it is time to put it into action if I want to survive this week.

Confessionals: (Austin) I really mean it when I say that I am shocked that Karissa decided to use the veto. Especially to the fact she used it on Candi. To be honest, I would have sent Candi out the door than these other two nominations,

*Tiffany walks toward the Diary room, but finds a lock*
Tiffany: Huh. This looks peculiar. Wait! What is that noise?
*Tiffany hears sobbing. Like T_T sobbing*
Tiffany: I got to open this lock. How about I use this debit card? Wait a minute. Why did I bring this here? Who cares. At leat it comes in handy now.

*Tiffany uses the card to unlock the door and finds something in the corner of the room*
Tiffany: Is that? Lynette!!!
Lynette: *Turns around* Tiffany!!! *Runs to Tiffany and hugs her*
Tiffany: Lynette, what the heck happened?
Lynette: *Sniff* It was the saboteur. They *Sniff* trapped me in here while I was making a confessional. I was in there for I don't know how long.

Tiffany: You have been gone for 2 days. That was probably how long you were trapped.
Lynette: And now, I am really hungry and I think I am sick. Please help me, Tiff. ToT
Tiffany: It is okay, Lynette. *Hugs Lynette again* Everything will be just fine. Now let's get you something to eat.


*Tiffany and Lynette walk into the kitchen where everyone is also*
Ryan: Look, everyone! It is Lynette.

Jin: Is pointing out things your forte or something?
Candi: Lynette! Where were you baby?
Austin: How come you have been gone?
Skylar: Why did you miss the veto ceremony?
Tiffany: You want to know why? The saboteur locked her up in the Diary Room for 2 whole days.

William: It looks like the saboteur made a move.
Lynette: LISTEN!!! ALL OF YOU!!!
Eveyone: 0_0

Bren: Oh my goodness... Poor Lynette. That saboteur really got to her head.
Skylar: It is so hard to see someone like that.
Karissa: Who would do such a cruel thing?
*Everyone looks at each other around the room*

[Girls' Room]

Tiffany; Oh, Karissa. I feel so sorry for poor Lynette. I tried to go and comfort her, but she would not let me or anyone near her.
Karissa: She just needs some time alone, Tiff. She will be fine.
Tiffany: *Takes a deep breath* I guess you are right. And also, is "Tiff" catching on or something?
Karissa: No just a nickname.

Tiffany: Okay, but let's be serious now. Who do you really think the saboteur is, Karissa?
Karissa: I think it might be Jin. He is always secluded from everyone, and even more suspicious than William.

Tiffany: I think there is a high possibility either Jin or William is the true guilty party. I just want to defend Lynette after what happened to her.

[Guys' Room]

*William is with Bren, Skylar, and Ryan*

Bren: It sucks one of the guys has to go.
Skylar: What did you expect with so many guys?
William: I know. You think Jin would talk about us better is he wanted to be safe.

Ryan: There are a lot of- Wait, what William?
William: You didn't see what he has been saying about you guys. He is literally suspecting you guys are probably suspects of the saboteur, and that you guys should go up.

Ryan: What!!!
Bren: No way!

Skylar: Okay, that has gone too far!!!
*Skylar runs to the living room, where Jin, Candi, and Karissa are*

.Skylar: Jin! What game do you think you are playing?
Jin: Skylar, what you talking about?
Skylar: I know what you did: telling everyone that I am the bad player here.
Jin: I never said that! This is an outrage.
Candi: What are you idiots talking about? I have not heard anything about what you god damn losers are talking about.
Skylar: Well, someone told me Jin has been talking behind my back.
Karissa: He never told me anything about you.
Candi: He didn't tell me anything either.
Skylar: But Willliam told me-
Jin: HOLD IT!!! William told you. He is probably trying to sabotage me to be safe.
Skylar: I doubt it. *Walk away*
Karissa: Uh oh.

[HOH Room]
*Jin walks in while Austin is lying in bed*

Jin: Austin? Why the heck was I nominated?
Austin: It is okay. You are just a mere pawn to get out the real threat, Austin.
Jin: Okay.
Jin: I will be going now.
Austin: Okay, bye.


*Lynette continues to be secluded in the bathroom, and then Bren walks in*
Bren: Is it okay if I come in?
Lynette: ... Okay.

Confessionals: (Bren) Strange. Lynette wouldn't even let her best friend get near her, but she decided to let me accompany her. I wonder why?

*Bren sits down next to Lynette*
Bren: Are you okay?
Lynette: I guess. It is just not fair...
Bren: Everything is going to okay.
Lynette: I want the saboteur out of the house. I want them gone now.
Bren: I know. I want him out too. I want to help you make it happen.
Lynette: You know, Bren. I guess I have always liked you the second I met you.
Bren: I always liked you too.
*Bren hugs Lynette as they are on the floor*
*Living Room television begins to turn on*

Austin: The saboteur is back!!!
William: Let's see what he has this time.

*Everyone comes to the couches*
???: Hello, houseguests. I've seen you have had a fun week in the house, and it especially goes to Austin and Lynette for the funnest.

Austin: -_-
???: I may be going. I may not, so have fun trying to boot off someone. I have nothing more to teach. Goodbye, for now, and remember, I am always watching.

Karissa: I don't really see what the point of this was.
Jin: Me neither. That was dumb.
Bren: o_o This could be it! *Bren runs to the bathroom*
Bren: Lynette! I think I might know who the saboteur is. It might be Jin, because on the television, they said 'I have nothing more to TEACH!' It has to be Jin!
Lynette: No way!! Tiffany! Karissa! I need you!
Tiffany & Karissa: Yeah?
Lynette: The saboteur! It has to be Jin!

Host: It was a day of fighting and misery, but now it is time for the first week to come to a close, and either Jin or William will be leaving the house tonight. Since we are on a short time span, we are not able to talk to the Head of Household, but we do know that William is the main target.

*Host comes on the television*

Host: Hello, houseguests.
Everyone: Hello!!!
Host: It is now the moment you have been waiting for: you must evict one of your very own, but first, the two nominees have one last chance to speak, and Jin, you may go first.

Jin: Thank you. I came in this house without any blood on my hands, and I intended to keep it that way. I really wanted a fair game, but it looks like people don't respect me. I think it is not fair I am on the block, and that you guys should keep me. Thanks.

William: I have played this game for only a week, and I would appreciate it if you guys kept me in the house. I think I have been playing a fair game, but that is up to you. Just vote with your heart.

Host: Thank you, houseguests. It is now time to vote to evict either William or Jin. The two nominees are not able to vote, nor is the Head of Household. One by one, you will enter the Diary Room and cast your vote. Skylar, you are first.

*Skylar enters the Diary Room*
Skylar: Hello. I vote to evict the sneaky Jin.

Host: Thank you, Skylar. Candi was lucky that Karissa saved him from eviction, but who does he think deserves the block?
Candi: I vote to evict the suspicious Jin, biotch.

Host: Thank you Candi. Tiffany is Lynette's best friend. Will she pull though and help her?
Tiffany: I have to help Tiff. I vote to evict Jin.

Host: Thank you, Tiffany. Now, Karissa has Austin, who wants William gone, and Lynette, who wants Jin gone. How will she vote tonight?
Karissa: This is so hard, but tonight, I vote to evict William.

Host: Thank you. Ryan has been close to Jin. It would be a surprise if he did not save him.
Ryan: Hello. I vote to evict William.

Host: Thank you Ryan. Remmber, 4 is the lucky number, and it only leaves Bren and Lynette. Lynette has been suspicious of who the saboteur is, and she thinks she might have a lead.
Lynette: I vote to evict Jin. That is all.

Host: Thank you. Well, it is official. Jin will be leaving the house tonight, but let's see how Bren votes.
Bren: Hello. I really want to help Lynette, so I vote to evict Jin.

*Bren walks back to the couch with everyone else*

Host: The votes are in. When I reveal the votes, the evicted houseguest will pack their thing, and walk out through the front door. By a vote of 5-2...

Host: Jin, you are evicted from the Big Brother house.

Jin: F***! Why guys!?!? I hate you all for this.
*Jin grabs his bag and leaves*

Bren: That was a little melodramatic if you ask me.
Lynette: So long, Jin
Ryan: Adios, amigo.

*Jin walks out to the cheering crowd, and sits with the host*
Host: Hello, Jin. How does it feel to be the first houseguest evicted?
Jin: Well, it never feels good to be evicted, but evicted first is a horrible feeling. I just want to know why?
Host: I will tell you: The last saboteur message made people think you were the saboteur since he said "teach". How about you now tell the audience if you were the saboteur.

Jin: Everyone, I was not the saboteur.

Host: Well, in the event of your eviction. The houseguests have left some goodbye messages for you.

Ryan: You were a good friend, Jin. It is too bad you had to leave so early. At least you have the Jury house. I'll be seeing you there, unless I win,, of course.

Candi: Really? You were very strange and quiet, which made you so suspicious. I think you deserved to go. Bye bye. Hope the doors do not hit you on your way out.

Karissa: You were a good guy, and you honestly did not deserve to go home. Sorry it happened to you. I hope you at least learned something.

Host: Thank you for playing, Jin, but now it is time for the Head of Household competition. Free from the threat of eviction, the HOH must put up two nominees for eviction. It is time to see who wins.

Host: Houseguests: This challenge is called "Skyscraper" and you have to hold on for dear life. Pretty easy. Austin, as current HOH, you are not eligible to compete. Good luck.

Host: A new week has started, but the saboteur is still in the house. Who will win HOH, MVP, and POV? Who will be evicted? Find out next week but first, let's tell our houseguest something.

*Houseguests are hanging on a bar, on a huge cube shaped building*

Host: Houseguests, this is only the beginning.
*Wind blows and the tower begins to rise*
Host: Have fun.

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