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An outline of my future plans. Where I see myself in twenty years.
I have come a long way but I am barely there yet. I have plans now that I found my passion for writing. It took me 33 years. This passion is rolling on day by day and that's how I know it will lead me to prosperity god willing.

First, I want to publish a short collection of my articles that I have been submitting to my local community paper. That goal will be achieved in less than a year.

Second, I want to finish my creative writing program and apply to a college to study journalism. I give myself three years to finish this task starting from next year.

In year five, I intend to marry the love of my life. I have not met him yet but I know he is out there. I will actively search and not settle for anyone with a pretty face or a slick style. I want real deep connections and I will find this before five years god willing.

Before ten years, I will be actively involved in my the parent teacher association of my children's schools and I will travel through Europe with my first born son.

After 15 years I will have a book deal, something for an autobiography or for my religious editorials.

After 20 years, I will be living in a nice country home with my three kids and the love of my life. In my home office, typing away at a keyboard some new series of stories for my fans. I will be drinking smoothies and eating fresh fruit and chocolate for inspiration. I will have a modest humble life as I like to have. No matter how much money I have, I will never compromise my respect for this planet by indulging is wasteful activities.

My partner will understand this because he will be like me.

My kids will be graduating or pursuing an education.

That is my 20 year plan. If God wills...
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