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Charles gets his opportunity for "show and tell"
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Recap: After making out and letting him kiss and fondle her breasts, Edith decided it was his turn to "Show and Tell". He was getting aggressive and she was not ready to go all the way. They had tacitly agreed earlier that if she showed first, he would reciprocate. Once she'd done her part he seemed reluctant to follow suit. He was worried that once Edith saw the size of his endowment, she'd have an anxiety attack.


You can’t go through with it. The words cried out from inside Charles’ head. Are you trying to spoil everything? With a skeptical look, he said “Are you really sure you want me to do this?”

“Are you going to renege?” Edith shot back.

Talk about anxiety, when she sees what’s in these jockey shorts, she’ll come unglued. “I’m only thinking about your peace of mind.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

It means that seeing “The Horse” for the first time is going to send her into cardiac arrest “I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed.”


Yeah,pulling out your hair, gnashing your teeth... that sort of thing. “You know, afraid of what you’ll discover.”

“Did you or did you not, agreed to this show and tell?”

What did she expect when she started taking off her blouse? “I’m not backing out,” he replied, choosing his words carefully, ”only trying to ease you into what might become a stressful situation.”


She knows damn well what I’m referring to. “You know the shock of seeing it for the first time.”

She replied sarcastically, “Oh, I get it now, the shock of seeing that awesome appendage of yours.”

She wouldn’t be so flip if she'd actually seen it. "I’m only speaking from experience.”


He stammered. “Not a lot mind you, but enough to know what I’m talking about.”

“Go on.”

It would wipe that smirk right off her face. “My first girlfriend took one look and said, 'Forget it.' My second suddenly remembered she had another appointment.”

“And you think the sight of your “awesomeness” will overwhelm me?”

That’s exactly what I’m thinking. “Yeah, and it really bothers me.”


“Because you’re special and I don’t want to lose you.”

“… like you lost the last two?”

“You’re nothing like the last two. Don’t you know what “Special” means?”

“I’m flattered. Now, did you or did you not agree to what we decided earlier?”

Charles settled into the leather couch,. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” and began unlacing his shoes.


He stood and unbuckled his belt. “Don't blame me for another one of your anxiety attacks.”

“I’ll take full responsibility.”

He parted the retainer and pulled down his zipper, giving her one last inquiring look.

She nodded her head.

He pulled a leg out of his trousers. “This is not a good idea,” he mumbled.

“Have you ever considered that your physical prowess might be overstated?”

She’s about to find out how “overstated” it is. Still bent at the waist, he hesitated and then let his slacks fall to the floor.

“Don’t stop now.”

As he straightened, she saw the “tent pole” he was referring to, poking out against the fabric of his underwear. He looked at her anxiously.

If anyone was familiar with anxiety, it was Edith. She tried to make things easier. “If a woman can bear a child, don’t you think she can deal with 'the man thing?'”

And if she can’t? Taking a deep breath Charles pulled down his boxers. “I was hoping we could build up to this a little more gradually."

It sprang into view!

Imagination had prepared Edith for the worst. She’d seen her father and brothers at various times growing up. Then there was that life changing experience with her Sociology Professor. Bruce introduced her to lovemaking in most of its forms and variations. While Charles had them beat, it was not by the imposing margin he imagined. It was one of those cases where reality was much less daunting than what she’d been led to believe. Arching her brow she looked down at it. So this is the fate worse than death I’m supposed to be so worried about? She breathed a sigh of relief. “Amazing.”

“I told you what to expect," he said sharply, "and now you know.”

"Yes I do," and if you observe closely, I'm not shaking in my boots. Tongue in cheek she answered, "You definitely had me worried.”

“I knew it would get your attention and leave you wondering…”

“About what?”

“You know the size. Don't you see? The size! Like getting a size twelve foot into a size six shoe.”

She considered the analogy, giving the matter some further thought. Looking closer, with a more critical eye, she felt an inexplicably response. A warm and maternal urging began stirring in the most unexpected of places. She examined the matter clinically as her education had trained her to do. Is this a visual response to what I’m looking at? Is it an emotional reaction to something unfamiliar, or is it something physiological? Could it be my body is acting in some subtle sort of way to prepare me for intercourse? What she was sure of was the wetness, in a part she hadn't felt in a long time. Knowing Charles was waiting for an answer she put her questions on the back burner.

“I think the proportions in your shoe analogy are a bit inflated.”

“You do?” he said in surprise

“While I won't say you aren't 'ample,'" she said stepping closer, "let me put your fears to rest.”

“You really that they're exaggerated?”

“Your imagination, Charles, has gotten the best of you.”

“I’m relieved you feel so confident.”

What Edith actually felt was a serene sense of calm. Instead of the anxiety she’d dreaded, her mood seemed almost placid. Isn’t it interesting? Charles is worried about the size of his manhood and I’m worried about another anxiety attack. How can two mature people see the same situation and react so differently?

She sat down on the arm of the couch and motioned him closer. I never wondered much about this part of a male’s anatomy. I just took it for granted. Rather, in my mind was the type of man I would become intimate with, someone who would be there for me, to share the joy of children and a lifetime together. While I understood the physical aspect, from my affair with Bruce, it still remained something of an abstraction. With him it played a smaller but important role in our lovemaking. Now seeing Charles, brandishing that big cock-- well, I'm seeing the physicality aspect from a much different and broader point of view.

He stepped towards her. She motioned him still closer until he was easily within reach.

“May I touch it?”

“Go ahead.”

Edith extended her hand and took the girth in her fingers. “Hmmm,” she said, working the foreskin back and forth.

He rose on his tiptoes, taking a deep breath. “Easy there, it’s sensitive.”

A dribble of viscous fluid appeared at the opening.

“What have we here?” she inquired with a gentle squeeze.

“What do you think?”

“Semen I suspect, full of those wiggly little spermatozoa.” she put her finger in the drop forming at the tip and raised it to her nose. It had a sharp pungent odor, shared now with the rest of her hand. She squirmed about on the arm of the couch trying to stay comfortable. The scent brought back memories she wanted to forget. WHEW!. She touched the droplet to her tongue. It tasted salty, with the consistency of an oyster. No surprise there.

"Seen enough?"

She nodded and looked up, her head swimming. Is the smell of pheromones effecting my mind? His eyes had a vulnerable look, filled with tenderness and desire. “I’ve seen more than enough.” Is it time we take the big step?

Charles broke into her mood. His words were compelling. “Maybe we should get the next hurdle behind us. “

“Maybe we should,” she replied casually.

“Are you afraid?”

“Not about the same thing you are.”

“Then why don’t we adjourn to the bedroom?”

Edith took his hand and began leading them down the hall. Making love to this man is going to be a much different experience than what I was introduced to.
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