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Outline of Lesson Plan for Dev. Kitchen Weasel Words
Tracking Down the Weasel Words – Development Kitchen Lesson

Starting March 1st We will be starting a new Lesson in the Development Kitchen Focusing on "Weasel Words". Hosted by Me.  Your friendly neighborhood Elfin Dragon. I've included the lesson plan, since I'm sure some of you are wondering what weasel words are and what we will do. I do hope you all will join me, there will be a lot of information and hopefully fun. The book that will be focused on is Dr. Angela Hunt's "Tracking Down the Weasel Words". None of the books are necessary for the lesson, but I will refer to them for you.
Weasel Words can be found in all sorts of manuscripts and documents.  From short stories; novels of fiction, fantasy, non-fiction and sci-fi.  As well as journals of medicine and science. And, yes, even written advertisements, television commercials, and in what our media and politicians say.  Weasel Words are everywhere.
Over the next two weeks we’ll look at several things:
         1) Different definitions of Weasel Words
         2) Why Weasel Words are used
         3) Weasel Words in Advertising
         4) Weasel Words in Media & Politics
         5) Weasel Words in Science & Medical writing
         6) How Weasel Words affect our own writing by:
                   a. Looking at what makes up a novel
                   b. The different problems writers may have
                   c. What readers look for when they pick up a novel
                   d. We’ll be doing exercises to help us better understand these concepts
         7) We will apply these tools to our own writing
We will also be using several resources to help us track down these Weasel Words and the different ways they’re used. The books are recommended but not necessary.  I will refer to them and ensure any reference is noted and/or put in full for all to read.
         1) Main Reference
Amazon's Price: $ 2.99

         2) Weasel Word Dictionary Reference
ASIN: 1740513665
Amazon's Price: $ 29.77

         3) We will do several exercises 
         4) Various articles
         5) Various videos
For those who are into nature and would like references in regards to Weasel Words in nature and/or science.  We may look briefly at scientific aspects.  There are two books I’ve found to be good references which I may refer to.  Again, they are not necessary and unless you are interested; you can just follow along when/if I mention them.
These books are:
ASIN: 0000000000
Product Type:
Amazon's Price: Price N/A

One other point.  Since we will be doing several exercises which will require writing; I suggest you make a folder in your portfolio specifically for this Lesson and add the exercises as we go along.  Some of the exercises will require more writing than others and a may be easier to post than writing your whole exercise in the post.  I do, wholeheartedly and enthusiastically, ask for participation in discussions in the posts when the exercise is concluded so we may learn from each other.
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