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Here is the prologue of a story I am doing
She was beautiful.

Her sun-kissed skin as delicate as paper and her hair was the sweet color of the golden hue of the horizon at dawn. Her eyes were the crystal clear reflection of the blue skies on the still surface of an ocean. And she was there, her fingers plucking a rose from a bush hidden behind the gates that protected them from the wicked world.

Her plush lips turned into a slight smile as she gazed up. She peered into the sky, as if lost in wonder. Her breath turned into vapor around her face as crystallized water drifted down from clouds and coated the green grass around her. The rose suddenly was taken out of her hand. She followed it with a sharp gaze. A bird flew by and had taken what was hers. Picking up the skirts of her pure white dress, she chased after the little robin. Her bare toes pressed into the snow covered grass. Her heart pounded. Suddenly she was stopped by the gate, her hands grasped the bars and she pressed her face against them. But the little bird had disappeared into the crisp white snowy wind.

She traced her fingers against the metal, making her way to the entry way that had been chained and locked. Her silk golden hair was softened by the white of the snow, her bones shook and her fingers quivered. Her hands reached the locked chain. She caressed it between her palms and smiled gently at it with disdain in her heart.
Tears blurred her vision as her lip quivered. Lowering herself to her knees, her hands slipped from the lock and down the metal grate. The air around her numbed her fragile skin. Her breathing became heavier and heavier as tears struck her lap. How could she ever escape?

Her eyes drew up, eventually grasping the blurred image of two forest green eyes staring back at her in wonder. Her breathing felt lighter and she wiped away her tears. The man grew near, his head cocked to the side and his hand brushing back lush midnight colored hair.

She slowly rose to her feet, her heart pounding against her chest as she reached out her hand for him. He was quick to take it in his. His heated skin sending warmth to her sore, aching chest. He brought himself to the bars, his eyes searching hers for something. He took the lock in a hand and quickly leafed into his pocket. And then, he pulled out a chain with the tiniest of keys on the end. He slipped it between his fingers and pushed the key into the lock.

Her heart skipped a beat as it turned with ease. And suddenly…

The lock fell.

The gates opened wide, creaking as if they had never opened before. His hand took hers; a warm smile parted his lips and stole her bones. The prison had been broken, the trap had been sprung open, and she was at last set free. True love took a hold of her and whisked her away into his clutches.

And she was gone.
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