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by K-6
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A collection of tales about a man and his mistress
Blood. Blood everywhere. It hurts. God it hurts. I have to get away. Stomp! "Fuck my spine agh!"
"I thought I said not to run away" the feminine voice of my tormentor fills my ears and laces the air thick with spite and venom. A few seconds pass. Stomp! "Shit please stop please Stop please..." Silence. The weight on my back shifts.
"You going to be good?" I whimper
"I'll take that as a yes" a sudden pressure is applied to my neck. Her voice cold as ice flows through me
" This is your last chance,fuck it up and I will replace you for a more obedient toy" fear grips me as thoughts of going back to the Stores cloud my mind

"No no no " the pressure loosens as she climbs off me. Clink,clink,clink,clink. I slowly turn to face her. Her Green eyes pierce any rebellion I still had as she flicks her purple tail against the bed. She gently paws her left ear feeling her fur before sighing.

"Okay now come here so I can heal you" I crawl somewhat painfully to her and collapse in her lap. I feel her place a hand on my back. A small numbness spreads through my body. The pain slowly ebbs away. After a few minutes her hand moves to my head. Her finger run through my hair as she rubs my head.

"Listen closely" I roll over and stare up at her. Her hand strokes my neck now ." Here are the rules. One you are now my slave,toy,servant or whatever else I want you to be understand?" I nod timidly. "Two I am to be referred to as mistress,Understand?" "Yes mistress." Her hand traces hearts on my chest " Three if I tell you to do something, you WILL do it." "Yes mistress." "And the final rule, if you disobey me or try to run away there will be consequences." "Yes mistress."

Hmm I love cuddling with mistress , It's warm and soft! Hmm I could just lay here. I hate to leave but I have to get dressed . I trudge down the familiar stairs to the living room , past the kitchen its aroma calling me, toward the my room, well it's mainly a closet as I sleep with mistress mostly or in the dungeon. Grabbing my uniform I wonder. I'm not sure why I tried to escape long ago. Mistress is nice to me if I behave , and I do my best to please her. I finish tying my shoes. It's 12:20. Should be enough time to fold the laundry before its time to make breakfast. I grab the basket and gently begin to fold them. As I fold I can't help but sniff her panties and sock. The soft silk and nylon holds the scent I've come to love. I'm so deep in my thoughts I don't notice the presence behind me.

"Slave! What are you doing?" I jolt out of my stupor to find Mistress leaning over my shoulder.
"I was... Doing the laundry and I Couldn't help but Sniff your panties. Mistress" I tremble waiting for a scolding or punishment .
"Is that all?" I nod. Mistress gently ruffles my hair and pulls me into a hug. A soothing warmth seems to ooze from her.
"You don't have to be afraid, after all I think it's kinda cute to see you basking in my scent like a dog." She slowly lets go.
"When your done folding,please make some salmon for breakfast." I smile and happily return to folding only for mistress to whisper.
"And if I you do a good job you can do more the just sniff the source."
She leaves grinning as I try to calm my nerves.

"Faster,ah there is perfect"
Mistress moans above me as I push my tongue deeper into her,relishing the scent and taste.
Mistress grips my hair and shoves my head further against her crotch,I nibble and lick , flicking my tongue only pausing to kiss her periodically.
"Good boy-" She screams in pleasure and climaxes. Her grip loosens and I fall backward onto the floor cum splattered across my face, mistress hands me a napkin and I wipe most from my face,
"12 not bad for tonight,come here"
Mistress pulls me closer and lays my head between her breasts,she purrs and wraps her arms and legs around me.
"Hehehe, I love you little guy,sweet dreams" I feel her nuzzle my head as we both drift to sleep.
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