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Millennial old Codes that were written by ancients to keep Vamparisi safe
This item will appear in "Invalid Item as a set of Codes, written ages ago by ancients (including Morgan). The Codes have kept separation between Human and Vamparisi and guide their interaction. They also guide how Vamparisi are supposed to get along with other Vamparisi, but only at a high level.

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First Code: Secrecy. Vamparisi should not and will not expose themselves to Humans in any public forum or by any means. The integrity of who we are is paramount, and there is no reason to break form (defined as our common human existence) in a public place, even if (and perhaps especially if) it may result in death. Never be seen feeding, using unusual strength, speed, perpetual youth, or any of the supernatural gifts. If you are, compel or kill all witnesses, destroy all evidence.

Second Code: Judicious Feeding. Take care when feeding not to create accidental Vamparisi. All you feed from should be monitored. If one shows signs of change, drain them completely and destroy the evidence. Where possible, feed only on common stock. Nobility should be avoided. If an area becomes too saturated with Vamparisi, a purge of all living Vamparisi may be called for.

Third Code: Loyalty. Vamparisi shall not turn against his own kind. Siding with humans against other Vamparisi is seen as an affront to all Vamparisi. This does not include humans who are marked and protected. Be careful of your associations.

Fourth Code: War. Factions may fight other factions, even to the death, but only in set aside monitored areas away from human awareness. If more than a minor skirmish erupts outside of these areas, or in full view of humanity, the Circle may be called in to dispense justice.

Fifth Code: Necuratism. One shall not feed on another Vamparisi. This is sacred law. Only the ancients have permission to feed on another Vamparisi. For anyone else to do this for any purpose other than homage/fealty oaths is seen as a criminal act.

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