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Obama faces a daunting midterm election that Republicans need to win - a poem.
Believing he's the sheriff
Of a one-horse town
With at most a two-fold agenda,
President Obama has attempted to
Mirror the failed economic policies
Of Europe's socialist models
And drastically reduce American military spending,
Thereby showing himself to be a weak and indecisive president
And allowing the world's imperialistic
And nuclear undertakers and proliferators
Free reign
To do as they please.

With a clear path forward
Facing Americans during the upcoming
Mid-term elections,
Will the United States seize the moment
And dismantle this foolish and abysmally
Appalling administration of the past five years?
Only time will tell if the impact
Of this Obama presidency warrants
Fiscal, domestic, and foreign policy restraints,
Through the election of a Republican majority
In the Senate and House:
To begin undoing the idiocy and horror
Of this ridiculous taxpayer spending and nonsense,
Hypothetical foreign policy.

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