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Achieving Physiological Fitness And Enlightenment By Accident
I'm a fairly avid beverage container collector. In fact, it's something I've come to do without thought or embarrassment, after all, beverage containers are guaranteed money and is no different than collecting change. You'd probably ignore pennies on the ground (I wouldn't), but nickels?

I scavenge entirely by foot and hand (no bicycle, cart of any kind, etc.) roughly 2-3 hours per day, or night rather, only 2-3 days per week and average about $40-$45 per month. I used to scavenge from blue bins, but have become so proficient at scavenging, I now only scavenge from garbage bins/dumpsters (where recyclables shouldn't be discarded) and legitimate litter.

The reason I scavenge? Purely for fitness. It originally began when I found myself in terrible shape and wanted to get fit. I found that any and all "exercise" that did not entail being out and about (treadmill, weight lifting, etc.) to be very unnatural, inorganic and to provide little to no beneficial health benefits. That is where scavenging came in. It simulates what I believe humans, as scavengers and foragers, were and still are physiologically designed to do. Hence, why I do it entirely by foot and hand. I even believe scavenging at night has somehow increased my night vision capabilities, slowed, if not altogether halted any gradual decrease in my vision and even increased my tolerance to exposure to the elements.

Not only have I gotten into such good shape, scavenging has honed my ability to live so minimalistically and efficiently, I quite literally have no need/use for many of the luxuries ("jobs", houses, cars, etc.) Western society deems "necessary" for "prosperous" living.

I'm now in "inhumanly" good shape and I make money that I, literally for the life of me, don't even need. I may still like to enjoy some of modern civilizations luxuries, such as their medicines (dental, optometry, etc.), but it doesn't necessarily mean I need it.

Frankly, if society were to go to ruin, I would be unfazed. And I'd have never learned how to do so if I were to adhere to Western society's deceptive, inferior, ignorant and lazy way of life.
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