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A giant shmale cat girl finds a new toy
What to do?
The little human lays cowering held firmly under foot.
His struggles amuse me.
He looks so scared. So weak. So helpless.
I lift my foot off him. Gripping him between my toes.
I smile at him.
"Hi little human."
"Don't talk much do you."
I rub his chest with my other toe.
"Care to explaine why I found you in my cuboared?"
His voice so frail barely reachs my ears. "I'm sorry I was hungry."
I smile and pluck him from my toes. Gently holding him in my palm.
"But that's my food. You didn't ask."
He cowers in my palm.
I stroke his head and place him so his body is pressing my bra.
"I think I have a solution." I giggle
"I'll do anything."
He nods
"Then your my new toy"
I gently poke him
"That's okay mistress."
I drop him on my breast while unhooking my bra
My perky breasts jiggle and sway, the little human struggling to stay on as I lay on my back.
"Massage my nipples."
His little body climbs up my right breast. I have nice D cups. There so big.
But they must be mountains to him. His minute body feels like a slight tickle to me he's but a ant climbing a vast goddess.
I see him reach the top of my boob and stare at my nipple. It's all ready hard.
His tiny feet sink into my soft flesh as he walks to my nipple.
"Hehehe, your a little bit smaller then my nipple. How dose it feel to be on my nice big soft breasts?
He kisses my nipple while wrapping his arms around it.
"Mewl" oh that feels good!
His body humping and grinding aginst my nipple his feet stomping my areolo.
A slight stirring grows in my lions as I massage my left breast as my toy works my right.
I press him into my nipple and rub his body all over my breasts.
"Meow meow hold on tiny!"
I place him between my breasts and squeeze his tiny body unable to fight me is smushed and crushed between my bouncing boulders.
His tiny body struggles as I pull my breasts apart and slam them together his screams muffled by my tons of flesh I strap my bra back on with him still between them as I Kneed my breasts to gather.

I feel my rod is fully erect and a large bulge is showing through my panties.
Plucking the human from my cleavage I drop him in front of my crotch as I tear my panties off.
My dick wavers above him I can see him stare terrified at my cock.
"I could crush you with my prick little guy,so unless you want that."
I lean so my tip is inches from him.
"Kiss it"
He turns to run.
But I'm quicker and I slam my balls on he is trapped beneath my testicles.
There crushing him and his struggles only turn me on.
I grind against him crushing him with my giant balls.
I pick him up and place him on my cock.
"Very naughty but I'll forgive you."
I smile
"Massage it"
His little body hugging and kissing my dick it feels so good.
I feel a drop of cum fall out and smear him in it he's stuck to my tip.
He can't escape as I jerk off.
I'm so close.
I flick him off and begin humping him.
My giant cock pulverizing his tiny body I grope my massive breasts.
I cum. The force of it nearly kills my toy.
I pick up the tired beaten little human.
I purr and lick him clean before placing him on my left breast.
"Good boy,best orgasm I've had in months, we'll play again tomorrow night."
I yawn and crawl in my bed holding him firmly to my chest.
"For now let's rest"
I kiss my new toy.
Today was fun.

I awake next morning to my toy sleeping soundly between my mammoth breasts.
"Wake up little guy." I purr and poke him
He opens his eyes and looks up at me
"Hi mistress" he yawns before gently snuggling back in my cleavage.
I walk into the kitchen.
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