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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #1980753
Jadea a princess and Garnoth an evil sorcerer.
Jadea And The Crystal Amulet

         Jadea stared down into her ice blue, crystal amulet. She knew she had to make a decision. It was either the life of her brother or the fate of the world being in disarray and eventually, a premature ending. It all rested on her shoulders. She knew nothing lasted forever, including the life of her only brother and even the world. She knew it wouldn't be right to sacrifice the world for only one life, but he was the only family she had left. The princess knew she had her duty to keep. If she gave in to Garnoth and gave him the amulet, the world would cease to exist, at least the world as she knew it. Jadea took a deep breath and clutched the brass framed amulet and made the hardest decision she had ever had to make. "Garnoth, you can't have the amulet."
         The evil sorcerer stood in amazement as if he couldn't believe what he had just heard. "You would rather sacrifice your brother instead of giving me the amulet?" he asked as if he thought she didn't realize her own words.
         Jadea glanced at Barnoth in the clutches of the sorcerer's black magic. "Yes." Garnoth's black eyes that normally had only embers of fire, flamed. Her brother smiled with approval. Then, as if Garnoth sensed the satisfaction and approval from her brother, willed a sword out of thin air and hastily slit his throat. The princess felt her heart drop into her stomach as she saw Barnoth's marred, dead body fall from the clutches of Garnoth's black magic and hit the black, marble floor. As if her body lost all strength, Jadea fell to her knees and cried. It felt like her heart was cut out of her chest, but she knew she had to get up and face this devil and mourn later. Her vision was blurred with tears and she quickly wiped her emerald green eyes and swiped the tears from her flawless, porcelain cheeks. She saw her reflection in the floor and the dark hooded figure that stood over her.
         "Here Princess, let me help you up." Garnoth said with a smirk.
         "Why do you care Sorcerer?" Jadea said as she stood on her on accord.
         "Oh, but I do Princess."
         "You don't have any feelings Garnoth." she said as she jerked her arms away.
         "Why Jadea, I am surprised at you. I do have feelings and you have hurt them." he said as he put his hand to his heart mockingly.
         "Where were your feelings when you killed my brother! she yelled and violently beat on Garnoth's chest. Garnoth quickly gained control over her and slung her to the floor with Jadea landing on her side. She looked up and peered over her shoulder at the Sorcerer as he seemed to glide over the marble floor toward her. "It was a complement just saying you don't have feelings because what I should have said was you don't have a heart!" she said as she picked herself up from the floor and smoothing her floor length, white dress. Garnoth raised his hand threatening to knock her to the floor again but instead, stroked her blonde hair.
         "Such harsh words coming from someone with such flawless beauty. Insulting words should never pass such innocent lips." he said as his hand moved from her long, blonde hair to her rosy lips. "Harsh words indeed, but true."
         "Stop it Garnoth! I know what you are thinking and I will never become your Sorceress of Darkness!"
         "You would make such a beautiful Sorceress. Your name would no longer be Jadea but Tempest. "My Tempest". he called her without regard of how she felt about it. "As powerful as you are now with the amulet, you would be thrice as powerful and we could rule together." he said with a smile coming across his thin lips.
         "No! I will never become your Sorceress!" she said with fists balled up at her sides.
         She saw the smile fade from his barely noticeable facial features. The shroud he wore shielded his face and the only noticeable feature was his black eyes that always flickered with embers of fire, that constantly glowed. "You were once mine. You'll be mine again." he said with confidence as he walked away disappearing into thin air.
         His words struck her with force, like the crashing of violent ocean waves that crashed against her heart. He was right. She was once his. She was his love and he was hers. Sadness overtook her. Her vision blurred with tears. Loneliness filled her heart. Her Love was gone forever and now her brother. Tears streamed down her face. She looked down at the ice, blue amulet that laid on her chest. The light from the story high windows reflected in the amulet reflecting her tear stained face. She slowly grasped the amulet in her hand and then held it in her ivory palms and stared into its endless abyss of power. She was disgusted with all the recent tragic events; of the death of her brother and the loss of her only Love to evil. Her gentleness and care for the amulet slowly dissolved into anger and her hand and fingers clutched around the amulet and tightly squeezed, loathing the day it came into existence.
         What was her Great Grandfather thinking when he made it? Didn't he know that it was a mistake to try to harness such power? "Jadea". The voice came from the amulet. She looked down into it and carefully cradled the amulet in her soft, ivory colored hand.
         "Yes, Grandfather?" she replied softly.
         "Jadea, dear. I felt your heart breaking. What's wrong my Granddaughter?" Jadea's eyes filled with tears once again.
         "This wretched amulet has caused nothing but trouble. Garnoth wants the amulet, because he wants the power it possesses. I wouldn't give it to him. When I wouldn't give it to him, he killed my brother."
         "Barnoth is dead?"
         "Yes. And it's all because of this wretched amulet!"
         "Jadea. Dear, you know why I created it. It was to help better protect our people from outsiders from entering our realm and from people like Garnoth."
         "But it costed Barnoth his life!"
         "Yes. But, his death was a noble one and just. His death wasn't in vain. He chose his fate."
         "He chose his fate! He didn't have any other choice Grandfather! Garnoth used his evil sorcery to locate where Barnoth was hiding and used his black magic to bring him to the castle."
         "Barnoth knew he couldn't stay hid for long. He knew he would be found my child."
         "I don't even know why he was in hiding in the first place." Jadea said as she rubbed her delicate skin out of frustration.
         "I do." Her Grandfather said. "He was trying to get your brother to betray you by stealing the amulet and giving it to him. But, he wouldn't betray his sister or the people of Lastoia. Just as the meaning of his name, Barnoth was a noble and just man. He wouldn't betray you or his people. He loved you too much to betray you Jadea and he knew the importance of the amulet to just hand it over to Garnoth. He knew what it meant if he was selfish and valued his life over the realm of Lastoia. The peace and beauty of our world would have came to an end if Barnoth gave in to Garnoth's enticement."
         "I should have destroyed him long ago, but I didn't."
         "Because you love him."
         "I did love him. But he's not the same man anymore. The moment his greed for power set in and listened to Onyx, the witch of the Modell realm, the man I fell in love with was gone. The moment he gave in to her, her evil spirits possessed his body and the Garnoth I knew, was gone."
         "The real Garnoth is still in there, somewhere. He is just lost."
         "I can't keep doing this Great Grandfather. What else will he do? There seems to be no limit to what he will try just to get the amulet away from me. I can't rest easy knowing he is alive and could hurt someone else. No! I can't have it! My loyalty lays with my people and I will not let them down. They trust me to protect them, Great Grandfather. I must destroy him because he can't be bound by any prison or dungeon or by chains. The only answer is to destroy him. Where is he at at this very moment, Great Grandfather? My people aren't going to bow down to the likes of him and I am not going to suffer them to be in fear."
         "He's at Rainbow Falls. But Jadea, be careful, sweet Granddaughter." Her Great Grandfather's voice faded back into the celestial world. She knew what she had to do. She called out to the amulet and ordered it to take her to Rainbow Falls. She never used the amulet in that way and wondered if it would obey her. It did.
         Her whole body lit up with a golden light and then faded into a crystal blue color, the same color as the amulet. Jadea's body lifted high into the air and music began to play. It was an angelic sounding hum that seemed to descend from the heavens. The hum was followed by what sounded like wind chimes blowing in a gentle breeze. There was a sound of great bells that began to chime. The chime was pure, loud and beautiful. There was a sound of what sounded like a thousand fluttering hummingbirds. The crystal, blue light began to sparkle and then swirled around her, forming a solid blue ring around her waist. Then her body exploded into sparkly, blue and gold flecks of light and the princess was gone.
         When she arrived she saw Garnoth at the mouth of Rainbow Falls, just as her Great Grandfather had predicted. He stood in silence with his hands raised. She regretted to have to take his life, but she wasn't going to let him be a terrorize Lastoia. "Garnoth!" He turned around surprised to see her.
         "Well, hello my love. So have you changed your mind and decided to join me at my side?"
         "No and I am not your love." she said as she looked directly in his now brimstone eyes.
         "Pity. So why have you graced me with your beautiful presence? I thought you would be off somewhere grieving for your brother."
         "No, I have came on other business."
         "Oh really?" he said sarcastically. "And what business is that?" he said with an evil smile. Jadea looked down at her amulet and began to give the orders to destroy him. But before she could finish carrying out the destruction of Garnoth she saw tiny, flying, green whales come out of the pool of water at the bottom of the falls. Garnoth quickly turned around and when he did, the whales spat rainbow water into his eyes that instantly turned into ice. Garnoth fell to the ground in agony, screaming. His screams were demonic and piercing. Jadea clasped her amulet fearing his screams would shatter it.
         Suddenly, there was silence. Garnoth laid motionless. What had happened? Was this is a trick? Had the tiny whales that she had only heard stories about as a child destroy Garnoth for her? She approached him slowly and cautiously. He was lying on his face. She gently put her hand on his shoulder and rolled him on his back. He was no longer a faceless man with brimstone for eyes. It was the face of her true love and now he was dead. She once again fell to her knees for the second time that day and wept uncontrollably, it was all to much for her to handle. She wanted to die with him.
         In the middle of her despair she felt a strong but gentle hand on her leg. She glanced up in total fear that quickly dissolved into shock. Garnoth was alive and he was smiling at her. He wasn't dead! Her true love wasn't dead! He hugged her. "Jadea, my darling!"
"Garnoth!" she hugged him tight determined not to let him go. "Wait, I don't understand. How is this possible?" In the middle of her confusion the tiny whales returned.
         "We are the legendary All Knowing Rainbow Falls Whales. We felt Garnoth's evil presence near the falls and knew that the evil needed to be destroyed. When we spat the ice, rainbow water into his eyes the beauty and purity of the falls entered into his soul and quenched the evil fire within that help feed the evil spirits he had inside. The evil spirits have now returned to their original place. The eyes are the windows to the soul, which helped the water and ice go in and cleanse his soul. Your love is now returned back to you. Your brother's life has also been restored back to him. Evil has no dominion over Good and it never will. Evil may triumph for a little while but Good will always prevail." they explained.
"What about the other lives that he...um...took?" she asked the magical whales with hesitation, as she glanced at her love.
"Their lives have been restored to them and they have been returned back to their homes." Garnoth eyes widened and placed his hand over his heart in relief. He was happy that the lives he took with Onyx's black magic had been restored back to them. "Now, go in peace children."
"Wait! Jadea yelled. "What about Onyx, the witch of the Modell Realm? What if she tries this again? How can we be sure we are safe from her?" she asked as she clung to Garnoth's arm.
"We have bound her below Black River in chains of rainbow. She is behind bars of opal, plated with the purest gold and ivory with a padlock of diamonds. These pure jewels drain her of her power and the chains of rainbow can not be broken."
"Thank you." Jadea said with a smile, as she glanced over at Garnoth with love in her heart.
"We both thank you...for everything." Garnoth said, as he bowed with gratefulness and relief in his heart. As fast the Rainbow Falls Whales came, just as so, they were gone.
         Garnoth lifted Jadea off her feet, gently swung her in a single circle and then sat her softly on the ground. He stared into her eyes for a moment. The most beautiful he had ever seen. he thought. Then he swept her up in his arms and kissed her.
"Let us return to the castle and announce to the kingdom that there's about to be a marriage of two lovely people."
"Oh? And who are they? she asked with a smile.
"Us." he answered and then gently kissed her on the forehead.

Word Count: 2502

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