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by Chris
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Who wins MVP and POV? Will the saboteur finally be caught? Who will the final noms be?
(Previously on Big Bother Posted: The accused saboteur ended up to be the first person to leave the house, but the houseguest were soon to find that they were very wrong. A relationship began to bloom between Bren and Lynette, and Karissa and Austin, as the couples promised to take each other far in the game, leaving a huge gap in the Glamour Girls' alliance.In the Head of Household competition, the contestants had to hold on for dear life, but it was Bren who took control, and with his power, he nominated Karissa and William for eviction.)
On this episode:
Karissa must pick a side: The Glamour Girls or Austin
The MVP will ruin Karissa or William
The Power of Veto will be crowned to someone
Will the saboteur be spotted?
Will the veto be used on Karissa or William?
It all happens now on Big Brother Posted!


*Candi pulls out the final key*

Candi: Austin, you are safe.
Austin: Thanks, bro.

Bren: I have nominated Karissa and William for eviction. Karissa, you are a really competitive player, and you are in it to win it, so no hard feelings. William, you are very good player too, so don't take this personally. I wish you both luck to surviving the MVP tomorrow. This nomination ceremony is adjourned.

Confessionals: (Candi) I could not be happier. I am so glad I survived the nomination ceremony. Bren knows what he is doing, especially nominating Karissa.

Confessionals: (Ryan) The first key gets pulled out, and who' is it? Oh yeah, it is Lynette's. I know Bren has something for Lynette. It is pretty obvious, but I don't want to be spreading a rumor, so I will keep it to myself for now.


*Austin and Karissa enter for their alliance meeting*

Karissa: Oh no! I have been nominated.
Austin: What luck this alliance will have. If we can pull through this week, I am sure us, together, will make it far. You with me, Kairssa?
Karissa: Yes. All the way.

Confessionals: (Karissa) I don't know what I did. Now I have 2 alliances, and it looks like I have to choose one in order to survive. Austin is very strong and the girls... Not so much. Austin is also good at making strategies and the girls... they could be better. Austin looks like the way to go, I think. The Glamour Girl was just an idea, so I guess it would be okay to quit it, but I can't tell them directly.

Austin: We should make sure William leaves. He will stay on the block no matter what unless he wins the veto, so I think we are safe.
Karissa: Yeah, it will be even better if I win the veto.

[Guys' Room]

Skylar: Congratulations on surviving the nomination, Ryan.
Ryan: Thanks. I am so glad Bren understood.
Candi: Me too. I think I can trust this new HOH for now.
Ryan: For now is a good point. He could have some plan up his sleeve.
Skylar: I know, but for now, how about we promise not to nominate each other.
Ryan & Candi: I promise.

Confessionals: (Candi) *Shows her fingers crossed* Of course I am not going to promise safety to them. I am not going to promise safety to anyone. I am going to do whatever it takes to win, and these losers are not going to get in my way.

Confessionals: (Skylar) I am glad we could make a compromise. Al least I now have some people I can actually trust.

[Head of Household Room]

*Bren and Lynette are in the bed, when Tiffany comes in*
Tiffany: Hello, you guys. Getting all flirty in here.
Lynette: What? We are not-
Bren: We never-
Tiffany: Say all you want, but nothing is going to change. Love is love.

Confessionals: (Tiffany) Honestly, I think Bren and Lynette are so cute together, and the fact they will do anything for each other, but of course she will have to backstab Bren so we can make final 2. Karissa is good, but I think she is going to place 3rd if all goes well. Just saying.

Tiffany: So when did you two get together?
Bren: After the whole saboteur thing. Can you believe that the saboteur tricked us?
Lynette: I know, and now poor Jin was evicted for no reason.
Tiffany: Well, here is a good question: Who would benefit from Jin's eviction?
Bren: Nobody. Jin wasn't very social last week.
Tiffany: Of course, but if you think about it really hard, there is only one option. The only person who knew that Jin being safe would crush their game.
Lynette: I think I know where you are going with this.
Bren: It must be William. He was probably only trying to save himself.
Tiffany: Exactly, but let's keep this to us, okay?
Lynette: Of course.

Confessionals: (Lynette) Hah! I think I might actually know who the saboteur is! Sweet! Nice try, William, but we got you red handed.

[Veto Time]

Host: It is me again, here to announce the next MVP of the season, but there is a lot more to discuss than the MVP. Tiffany, Lynette, and Bren have deduced William as the saboteur, but is he really the saboteur, and also, is there also someone else in the house hiding a secret besides the saboteur. I'll talk about this more next time for the eviction, but first, it is time to reveal the second MVP.
*Turns to the houseguests on the television*
Host: Hello, houseguests.
Everyone: Hello!!!
Host: It is now time to reveal the next MVP. I will make it short and sweet to keep this going. With 42% of the votes...
Lynette, you are this weeks MVP.
Lynette: No way! Thanks, everyone. This is great.
Host: You now must make your decision on who will not be competing in the veto.
Lynette: Once again, I will make this short and sweet: William, I choose you to not participate.

Confessionals: (William) What the heck? Not playing again! This is so dumb. This twist is trying to kill me. I am so mad! I am going to get revenge on everyone who uses their MVP power on me, and I know just how.

Host: I leave the rest to you, Bren.

*Bren, Karissa, and Lynette walk up to the front of the living room*
Bren: We will each take turns picking a chip from the bag. The person who name is on the chip will compete. I as HOH will pick first, then MVP, then the nominee.

*Bren pulls a chip from the bag*
Bren: Skylar

Confessionals: (Skylar) Cool! This is the second time I was chosen to play in the Veto. It must be a good sign, but what is important now is trying to win.

*Lynette pulls a chip from the bag*
Lynette: Houseguest Choice. Tiff, get up here.
Tiffany: Thanks, girl.

Confessionals: (Tiffany) This could not have been going any better. All us girls are playing, so there is a 50% chance, if not higher possibility of Karissa stepping down, and all of us being safe.

*Karissa pulls a chip from the bag*
Karissa: Candi

Confessoinals: (Candi) I was obviously chosen to play in the veto for reason, so I am going to win it.

Bren: I also have to choose a host, and I pick Ryan. Good luck.

*Houeguests walk outside to a candy decorated backyard and veto players get to their stations*

Ryan: Houseguests, this is called "Sweet Victory". You have to guess the amount of candy in a specific item. Once you make your guess, you can choose to either "Save" or "Fold" To everyone who saves, the person who saves and has the closest amount without going over get a point. The person who saves and has a score farthest from the amount is eliminated. If you fold, nothing happens to you and your guess will not count, and you will move on. The person to get 3 points wins the Power of Veto.

Ryan: Here is a huge heart shaped box filled with sweethearts. Guess how many are in there.

Bren: 135 (Save)
Lynette: 124 (Save)
Karissa: 111 (Save)
Skylar: 155 (Save)
Tiffany: 145 (Save)
Candi: 100 (Save)

Ryan: Looks like they cores are in. The correct amount is 125, so Lynette gets a point. Candi, you are eliminated. Time to begin Round 2. There is a jar of jellybeans. Guess the amount.

Bren: 189 (Save)
Lynette: 244 (Save)
Karissa: 214 (Save)
Skylar: 234 (Save)
Tiffany: 200 (Fold)

Ryan: The correct amount is 239. Skylar gets the point, and Bren, you are eliminated. Round 3: Guess how many lollipops make the giant one.

Lynette: 156 (Fold)
Karissa: 115 (Save)
Skylar: 354 (Fold)
Tiffany: 104 (Fold)

Ryan: There are 150 lollipops, and since Karissa was the only one to save, she gets the point. Since the others folded, nobody is out. Round 4: Guess the amount of Peeps that make the giant one.

Lynette: 144 (Save)
Karissa: 167 (Save)
Skylar: 154 (Fold)
Tiffany: 234 (Save)

Ryan: There are 204 Peeps, so Karissa gets another point, and Lynette is eliminated. Round 5: Guess the amount of chocolate in the huge box.

Karissa: 83 (Save)
Skylar: 77 (Save)
Tiffany: 56 (Save)

Ryan: There are 90 pieces of chocolate, so congratulations, Karissa, you in the Power of Veto again.
Karissa: No way! Yes!
Tiffany: You go, girl!!!
Bren: Congratulations, Karissa!
Austin: Show them who is boss!

[Girls' Room]

Lynette: Congratulation on your second veto win, Karissa.
Tiffany: Yeah, two vetos in a row must be hard.
Karissa: It was easy. Now I can take myself off the block.
Tiffany: The only questions is who Bren will put up as a replacement.
Lynette: We will find out soon enough.

Confessionals: (Lynette) By the looks of it, William has just been cornered now that Karissa won POV. Now we can finally get the true saboteur out of the house.

[Living Room]

William: Can you believe I was cheated out of the veto again?
Austin: Yes, that is very unlucky.
William: It looks like I am going to be on the block once again.
Candi: Then good luck. I just hope I am not going up at all.

Confessionals: (William) I am stuck in a corner. It looks like there is no way I can possibly survive this week, unless the replacement is a really bad person.

[Head of Household Room]

*Bren and Skylar discuss nominations*
Skylar: Everybody wants to know who you are going to put up as a replacement.
Bren: I am thinking, but it could be anybody. Candi, Tiffany, Lynette are all safe to me. I really want William out, so I need a pawn to get him out. I need a well-liked person. Skylar, can you be that person?
Skylar: I think I am good. I don't want to risk being a pawn. Remember when Jin was supposed to be a pawn?
Bren: You have to trust me. Everyone wants William gone, so you will certainly be safe.
Skylar: ... Fine, but if I leave, this will all be you fault.

[Veto Ceremony]

*Everyone is outside while Karissa makes her choice*
Confessionals: (Karissa) I am obviously going to use the veto on myself, DUH! Who Bren is going to pick, I do not have a clue, but hopefully it is not Austin.

Confessionals: (Bren) I really hope I am not thinking wrong and ending up with the pawn, but I have no other ideas. I might as well go with it.

Karissa: It is time for the nomination ceremony.

*Everyone sits down and Karissa faces everyone*

Karissa: I have the power to save either me or William off the block. Of course, I am using it on myself. Why wouldn't I? Bren, since I vetoed one of your nominees, you have to pick a replacement.

Bren: I thought about it, and I decided that Skylar, you will be the replacement.
*Skylar walks and sits next to William*

Karissa: And with that, the veto ceremony is adjourned.

Confessionals: (Skylar) I acted shocked, but I know I am just a simple pawn. I hope it does not backfire on me like Jin.

Confessionals: (William) Oh, gee. I am once again on the block. Perfect. I do not have any plan to keep me safe, so this is very crucial.

Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house: Skylar or William? Find out in Episode 7!!!

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