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A in dpeath guide to the undead.
Hello, kind sir and or madam. This guide is a must have for the study, capture, taming or slaying of almost all those that won't learn when to quit.
In this volume, we will be examine the undead. (Note: this doesn't include ghosts, they will be in volume two)
Good luck and enjoy.
Also this book uses a rating system.

*= harmless
**=average threat
***= Use extreme caution
****= highly trained individuals only
*****= experts only

Skelton:*/***( varies based on number and equipment)
Skeletons are a classic undead, only zombies and vampires are more well known. Skeletons can be found in any part of the world people died. However as most skeletons are created through black magic like zombies, they are most abundant near places where at least a moderate amount of corpses can be found. Skeletons are able to use tools and weapons, these tend to be either those they wielded in life thus they can range from swords,axes,spears,bows and the like to modern firearms lacking that those found in their environment, such as rocks, furniture or even pieces of themselves, some can even use low-medium levels of magic. Those who died in war tend to be very tough due to having died wearing chain/plate mail or Kevlar. A good strong blow will shatter most as age has been unkind to the strength of their bones.

Skeletons are not inherently evil unless controlled by others, nor do they feed on the living like most undead. They are highly resentful towards the living mainly because they only wish to remain dead. Many unskilled necromancers have been killed after summoning a group of bitter warriors who would rather resume there slumber. It is not understood how they move at all seeing as they lack muscles, but it is theriozed the magic that gives them life also binds there bones.

Created by the Egyptians as a way to control zombies, the outcome was instead a zombie with the intelligence of a Skelton and some magic. Mummy's can be found mostly in very hot dry places. The tombs of mummies are filled with tressure not just because they where royalty, but because even in death they hunger for wealth and power. It is not possible to steal from mummies as their magic tells them whether a tressure is still in there tomb or not. Mummy's are capable of amazing feats of strength and are highly durable as they can't be smashed like skeletons and they lack the weakness of zoimbes. Mummy's however have several weaknesses,one being mobility as like zoimbes rotting limbs can only move so fast. This is worsened by the bandages binding there limbs. They also have a fear of fire as it burns the magic inscribed on their wrappings leaving them with out their life giving magic. Finally if their sarcuopgus is closed while they are in it, they will enter a hibernation period until it is opened.

The inversion of skeletons husks are dead flesh given new life,they are mostly harmless unless combined with skeletons in which case they become reborn. Reborn are a as smart as skeletons and strong as mummy's while having a deadly bite. They can be easily killed with salt as it stings their tender muscles and causes the husk to evacuate the Skelton it's morphed with. One should be careful of not letting them remorph and strike fast and hard.

The lantern lighter:*****
These undead arsonists are unique, as they are 90% incorple but are not ghosts. Born of those who died in fires, they maneuver through the night only there lantern and head visible. They feed on any flammable liquid, but have a fondness for kerosene. Mostly harmless,it is only when angered they become deadly. Igniting themselves into screaming balls of fire, they quickly reach the melting point of diamond.
Anything within a 10 foot radius is incinerated,this combined with the fact they are found near areas rich with oil or kersione, leads to massive explosions that vary in strength and size. Luckily man tend to be fond of humans seeing as they craft the kerosene they love.
A final note, if there lantern is extinguished they will die.

Zombies:*/***** (varies on number present)
Zombies, no discussion of the undead can forget these kings of rot. Yes zombies are often the first thing to spring to mind when talking about the undead. Crafted through a stronger version of the magic that creates skeletons. Zombies are a tricky foe, there magic causes any one wounded by them, to become them. A few stragglers can explode into a pandemic very easily. Most zombie however are slow and dispatched with a good head shot or beheading. Zombies wearing armor maybe be harder to slay. A word to the wise, toxins have no effect on zombies. For more info on zombies please read. The zoimbe survivel guid by Matt Brooks.

[ Before we go on, I wish to explaine how undead are created. Most undead are created through necromancy spells,I find black magic ghastly but that's just my oppion. Moving on, some undead can infect others, such as zombies,vampires,and others that will be explained shortly. That is all.]

If you think only humans can be undead your wrong. Any animal or bug, can become skeletons or zombies. They share the same weaknesses as their human counter parts. Just remember, "sit" won't work on this pet.

Not much needs to be said. I will however point out tips and tricks for fighting them.
1: Holy items only work because they are infused with pure holy magic, your gold neck chain, unless blessed will do nothing. Nor will the old finger cross trick.
2: Avoid the eyes, vampires can channel powerful mind control spells, however most can only inflict this through thier gaze, like the gorgons of old.
3: Vampires posse a high endurance and heal quickly. They still feel pain though, so a slug to the face may slow one down.
4:Light. Vampires avoid dawn not because sunlight causes death. But because after decades or century's of living in the dark their eyes are highly light sensitive. Thus a flashlight beam can stun a vampire and causes temporary blindness.
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