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Just know that we all come out whole on the other side.

It is the delicate nature of living things to breathe and weep. Sorrow is not a human condition, it is the instrument by which all things grow or die.

Death is relative and absolute, but in dying there is rebirth, a new emerging of self, time and again, infinitely across ages of man and nature.

Our rebirth and ultimately our regrowth, sets us on course to build and destroy, love and hate, see in only black and white, and to live and die. We navigate accordingly and in doing so, learn the best-suited path to continue an endless journey of lives from rebirth over eons.

Perhaps this is why pain feels as though an eternity has passed before we heal. We need only know that there is more to discover, plot the next set of stars, travel galaxies as energy, and manifest so that we can feel as sentient beings are accustomed; chaotic bliss!

I know in this life that my path has been obstructed by the intoxication that love brings to energy. It is boundless and ever so heavy a burden to bear.

I have relied too heavily on the notion of love having the power to guard the heart and soul, but love, in fact, pushes us to the brink of our own demise, it is also what keeps us alive in those darkest moments of despair.

Solitude allows the mind the wisdom to dictate love's path, but not its affect on our spirit. It allows us to breathe and reconnect with self and attempt to align all elements of our being and discover renewal.

Solitude grants us many things, but cannot nurture our soul or fortify the heart to endure the terrain of love, only through heartbreak do we persist.
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