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This is a true story which happened in Dec 2002 in A3 highways running through Burpham.
"Hello. This is Surrey Police Station." , said inspector Robert.
"We need to report a drunk and drive in A 3 highways running through the city of Burpham", said the voice at the other end
"What time, sir?"
"About 15 mins ago officer"
"I'll be on it, sir. Thank you for the information"
"Always to help officer"'
Damn it thought the officer.
Tring ring... The phone again.
"Hello.. This is the Surrey Police Station"
"Officer. I need to report a drunk and drive. Blazing headlights just veered off through A 3 highways which runs through the city of Burpham" , Robert could hear the voice of a woman at the other end.
Robert took a deep breath."Where do you say madam?" he asked
"A 3 highways officer"
"I'm right on it Ma'am. Thank you for the information" , Robert said and hung up.
Bloody hell. he thought.
"Thornton. Who's on duty in the A 3 highways jurisdiction?", Robert asked to one of his subordinates.
"Officer "
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