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A theory that hit me in my day dream.
“Vampires blood sucking animals”, “count Dracula-a demon”, “immortal non-human, savage, predators “. These are the comments drawn by most of the novels and scriptures but are they true. Are fictitious? Or they made fictitious. I would not rather peruse their evidence of existence or nonexistence. This is just another perception of mine: Vampires.
Blood is the first word that emerges of the mind when one hears about the vampire. I would like to believe that “vampires” are not more than immortal humans. They don’t drink blood why would they if they are created immortals. At first do vampires exist? The answer to that question is unknown for the simple reason that we as humans don’t encounter them or even if we did are we ready to accept the truth. One of the reason might be they keep travelling the world, not allowing people to judge their existence. I do believe that they exist for they are just humans but immortals. They eat what we eat, they do what we do but why blend in not let people know: Because they understand humans more. We humans are naïve to the knowledge of the world for we don’t have enough life to understand ourselves. They, if they do it would be impossible to escape the fate of being called as GOD or DEMON. They are the one of most amazing creations of this world; even humans underwent mutations to be a perfect creature. So, why all this rumours about the blood, savagery, weaknesses. To keep distance from humans being an immortal human they understand it well.
What would a human do if he became immortal, I believe they have tried everything and through ages of studying their former humans they have become aware. Through the process of “finding the purpose” they have learnt that humans are just meant to live happily and thus the same with the vampires. Anyone with such a free time to use it to improve themselves and so do vampires. I hope they might know about “god” more than we normal humans do. Given such a time, their kind might have survived everything through their knowledge of the world.
Yet why didn’t they expand. If this was the case then there has to be part of the world rich of their kind. And yet they don’t reveal. If vampires were common humans but immortal then they have to exhibit every trait we share. There are several possibilities. May be they had not developed essential requirements for reproduction but they are humans so this possibility cannot occur. May be, first of all the former humans couldn’t accept them to be humans; the rumours are the evidence, considering human’s fear towards “non-human” things. It is possible that our former humans have forced them to live in exile. And thus considering their blending-in-rule of vampires they might have not considered in settling down at one place. So why bother expand but just have small family to hide and live.
If this all happened in the beginning of the world then why is there no trace of them? Well, we helped them well enough to hide. Our former humans were smart enough to not to give lots of reasons of despair. In other words it has to be an unbreakable deal for better existence of both races given that they are both humans. So why are they not showing themselves now. As we humans have so many rules and regulations for our “better living”. They have their rules; it might have become a story:” a demon in the closet”.
If they exist then there is hope for this theory, if they don’t then for all vampire readers: we are just dogs chasing cars.
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