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by cowboy
Rated: 18+ · Novel · Drama · #1981006
When a British Subject kills the daughter of the Texas Governor the clash starts
It was a warm evening in Austin. A taxi sped toward Bergstrom Airport. In the back a man was well-kept considering what he had just done. He did not bother with chatting with the driver. The driver himself did not bother asking questions or banter. He just knew not to ask. The driver looked at his passenger. A well-kept man but something was off about him. But the driver was a veteran taxi driver. After a small break the driver had picked up this man. He had a British accent and carried a briefcase.
In the backseat the man looked out the window as the sun started to set. Long ago he had decided to carry out a history changing event. This one was indeed going to be one of those. The taxi exited for the airport. A few minutes later the driver slowed to a stop at the departure curb. The passenger bid a farewell and handed a 50 to the driver. “Keep the change cheerio!”
With that the man made his way to the United Airlines counter and checked in for the short flight to Houston.

An hour later the United Express RJ lifted into the evening sky. It was to short flight to Houston and then on to London.
As the RJ turned southeast toward Houston things were about to start in what would be a very long historic event for both Texas and the world!

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