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by Chris
Rated: ASR · Other · Other · #1981018
The second eviction, and a new Head of Household to be crowned
(Previously on Big Brother Posted: Jin's eviction left people in shock when the real saboteur announced he just tried to trick everyone. Head of Household, Bren, Lynette, and Tiffany, then made William their next target for being the saboteur. He had nominated Karissa and William for eviction since he had no idea who to nominate. Lynette as crowned MVP, and she used to make William not be in veto for second time, and also for a second time, Karissa won the Power of Veto. Using it on herself, she use it on herself, and Bren used Skylar as a pawn to get the real target, William, evicted.)
On this episode:
After leaving the houseguests with slop, will the saboteur have another trick?
Karissa made her final decision for her alliance, but how will she approach the girls?
Will William find out a way to keep himself safe, without knowing he is an accused saboteur?
Either William or Skylar will be evicted
A new Head of Household will be crowned

It all happens now on Big Brother Posted!

Host: Welcome back to BBP. It is Day 13 in the Big Brother house, and HOH, Bren, has nominated the cook, Skylar, and the chemist, William, for eviction, and tonight one will be leaving the house, but first, William had a plan that kept him safe last week, but now will he find a way to be safe from eviction for a second week?


Karissa: I have the power to save either me or William off the block. Of course, I am using it on myself. Why wouldn't I? Bren, since I vetoed one of your nominees, you have to pick a replacement.

Bren: I thought about it, and I decided that Skylar, you will be the replacement.
*Skylar walks and sits next to William*

Karissa: And with that, the veto ceremony is adjourned.

Confessionals: (Lynette) It looks like out of the two nominations, I will evict William, the true saboteur. I am almost certain he is guilty.

Confessionals: (William) This is ridiculous! I am cheated out of a veto for the second time, and then nominated again. Give me a break. Now I actually have to think really hard about this if I am going to survive another week.

[Living Room]

Austin: Sorry about being nominated again.
Ryan: It must feel pretty bad.
William: It just sucks so bad. *Begins to cry* I was just trying to do my best, but it nobody likes me. It just feels so bad to be stuck somewhere with everyone that does not like you at all.
Ryan: Gosh. I never knew you felt that way.
Austin: Sorry about what you have been through.
William: I just want to be safe. *Whimp* It is just unfair! An injustice!

Confessionals: (Austin) Wow, I feel so bad, but I have to evict the target. Man, it feels so bad.

[Head of Household Room]

Lynette: We are going to evict William, right?
Bren: Yeah. We make such a great team. Let's make the finale.
Lynette: If all things go well, of course.
Bren: I love you, Lynette.
Lynette: I love you too, Bren.
*Bren and Lynette kiss, and Skylar barges in*
Lynette: *Gasp*
Skylar: Sorry, come at a wrong time?
Bren: Pretty much.
Skylar: Well, I just saw William whining about his time here, and I actually think he might be getting some votes in his favor.
Lynette: That can't be a good thing. William cannot stay in this house.
Bren: It is okay. The people who will certainly vote him out are you, Lynette, of course, Candi, Tiffany, and Karissa. 4 is the lucky number to get him out, so we should not be worried.
Skylar: Okay, so it looks like I won't be worried about anything.
Bren: Sounds like a plan.

[Living Room]

*Television turns on*
Karissa: The saboteur!!!
Tiffany: What does he want now?
*Houseguests come to the couches*
???: Hello, houseguests. Looks like you have almost got me, but I am not through yet. I have an idea, so watch out. Maybe I will not be leaving tonight.
William: *Gasp*
*Everybody stares at William*
[Girls' Room]

Tiffany: Did you see that message? It basically said "Hello. I am William, the saboteur!"
Lynette: But that can't be. Why would he say something that would only get him in trouble.
Karissa: I have no idea! Maybe we should keep him.
Tiffany: Probably.
Lynette: Are you insane? This might be his plan? We can't just evict Skylar over him. He has to go, saboteur or not.
Karissa: Okay.
Tiffany: Of course. The Glamour Girls are going to take over the house.
Karissa: Well, about the alliance... I do not think it a good idea.
Lynette & Tiffany: 0_0 What?
Karissa: It is just that the guys will obviously be expecting us girls working together, so we can't go through with it.
Lynette: She is right. They probably know by now.
Tiffany: It can be a secret alliance. We can always fight so they won't expect it.
Lynette: Great idea!
Karissa: Yeah! Hehe...

Confessionals: (Karissa) How am I supposed to tell them I do not want to be in the alliance without making them angry at me? I will have to go with it now, but it looks like it won't end well.

Host: Up next, it is the eviction that will send either Skylar or William home, but first, I said that there might be another person with a secret in the house last episode. Well, there is. This person has been hiding a secret and has been a lie this whole time. Have you guessed yet? It is a little hard at first, but you will soon find out someone is not who they seem to be. Anyways, it is now time for the eviction to commence.

*Host faces the houseguests on the television*

Host: Hi, houseguests!
Everyone: Hola!!!
Host: It is now time to evict someone, but first, the nominees have one last chance to plead their case. William, you are first.
William: Thanks. Everyone, I have nothing different to say than last time: I have been treated poorly in this game, and I deserve to stay here for a little longer. Vote for who you think should leave. Thank you.
Skylar: I have played a good game so far, and you guys are all great, so it would be great to stay another week. Thank you, and I hope you make the right choice.

Host: Thanks, guys. It is now time to evict. The nominees are not able to vote, and neither is the HOH, but only in the event of a tie. One by one, you will all enter the Diary Room, and cast your vote. Karissa, you are up first.

Host: Karissa has once again won the veto and got herself off the block, and while she planned to get William out, Austin did have a change in mind. How will she vote.
Karissa: Hello. I thought about it, and I want my Austin to be happy, so I vote to evict Skylar.

Host: Candi has never really talked to the two nominees. Let's see how he votes.
Candi: Tonight, I vote to evict William, thank you very much.

Host: Austin had a complete change in is mind when William pleaded to keep his votes. If Karissa voted with him, will he fulfill his idea?
Austin: I sadly vote to evict Skylar.

Host: Lynette has been hot on the trail of the saboteur all week, and she thinks she might have found a break in the case.
Lynette: I vote to evict that little weasel, William.

Host: Tiffany is Lynette's BFF. It would be a surprise if she didn't vote with her.
Tiffany: No regrets, I vote to evict William.

Host: The votes are 3-2, which means Ryan's vote will either make a tie or send William packing.
Ryan: I am so sorry, but I vote to evict Skylar.

*Ryan walks back to the couch with everyone else*

Host: I will now reveal the fact that it is a tie. 3 votes to evict Skylar, and 3 votes to evict William. Bren, you must now cast your vote to evict.

Bren: *Gets up* You have both played great, but sadly, one of you must go. You think you fooled everyone, but sorry William, I vote to evict you.
Host: It is official. William, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house.

William: Goodbye, everyone.
Ryan: Bye, William.
Karissa: Sorry you have to leave.
Lynette: Have fun outside the house.

*William walks out to the cheering crowd and sits with the host*
William: Well, doesn't that just cheer you up.
Host: It sure does. William, you had the worst luck in the game. How do you feel about that?
William: Well, it is not fun, I can tell you that, but at least I tried my best. I thought I could do anything after surviving the first eviction, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.
Host: Well, let me tell you now you were also evicted under the suspicion is the saboteur. How about you tell us if they were correct?
William: That is what this was all about? Well, guess what? I was not the saboteur either, so how about that, jerks!
Host: Anyways, in the event of you being evicted, the houseguests left you goodbye messages.

Bren: William, William, William. You were so suspicious in this game, and you were a target from the start. I thought your strategy was horrible, so sorry.
Ryan: You were a good friend, and I am so sorry you had to go. Good luck in the jury house.
Lynette: I think we may have finally got the saboteur out of the house. If you weren't sorry, but you had to go, regardless. Best of luck.

Host: Now you know how Jin feels, huh, and you will be off with him at the jury house. Good luck with that. It is now time for the Head of Household competition. Free from the threat of eviction, the HOH must nominate to people for eviction. Let's see who wins.

*Houseguests enter backyard*

Host: It is time for the HOH competition. Bren, as current HOH, you are not eligible to compete. This challenge is "Majority Rules" I will ask you would you rather questions, and you will answer with A or B. If you vote with the majority, you move on. If you vote with the minority, you are eliminated. This will continue until the tie-breaker, and that person will be the new HOH. Let the challenge start now.

Question #1: Would You Rather work at A) McDonald's or B) Carls Jr's.?

Skylar: B
Karissa: B
Candi: B
Austin: A
Lynette: B
Tiffany: B
Ryan: B

Host: The majority said B. Austin, step down, you are eliminated.

Question #2: Would you rather A) Go to jail or B) Get lost in the woods?

Skylar: B
Karissa: A
Candi: B
Austin: A
Lynette: A
Tiffany: A
Ryan: B
Host: The majority said A. Skylar, Candi, and Ryan, you are out. Step down.

Question #3: Would You Rather A) Eat raw fish or B) Drink toilet water

Karissa: A
Austin: A
Lynette: B
Tiffany: A
The majority said A. Lynette, you are eliminated. Step down.

Question #4: Would you rather A) Have Jin return to the house or B) Have William return to the house?
Karissa: B
Austin: A
Tiffany: A

Host: The majority said A. Karissa, you are out. It is now time for a tie-breaker. Get out the chalkboards. The question is how long in minutes was the veto challenge, Sweet Victory? The one with the closest without going over wins.

Austin: 66 Minutes
Tiffany: 50 Minutes

Host: the answer is 62 minutes. Tiffany, you are the new Head of Household.

Tiffany: OMG OMG!!! This is awesome!
Lynette: Yeah, Tiffany!!!
Austin: Congratulations!
Host: Bren, hand over the HOH key!
Who will Tiffany nominate for eviction? Find out next time in Episode 8!!!

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