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by Chris
Rated: 18+ · Other · Drama · #1981074
The saboteur gets to the house's mind like you would never expect it, and HOH nominates!!!
(Previously on Big Brother Posted: Bren took control as HOH, and nominated Karissa and William for eviction. The houseguests were shocked when they learned the saboteur played them by ticking them into believing Jin was the saboteur, and people didn't take it lightly. Bren, Lynette, and Tiffany then made a conclusion that William was the actual saboteur. William's bad luck streak continued as MVP, Lynette, decided to kick William out of the veto competition, and for the second time, Karissa won the Power of Veto. William tried to keep himself safe by using the only option he had left: crying. In the end, Karissa took herself off the block, and Skylar was put up as a pawn to get William out of the house. The saboteur's last message confused the houseguests about their theory, but in the end, it was a tie vote, and Bren evicted William from the Big Brother house. In the Head of Household competition, Tiffany proved her skills by winning Majority Rules, stripping Bren of his Head of Household power.)
On this episode:
The Glamour Girls take power, but will Karissa stay loyal?
The shocking tie vote leaves an impact on the house
How will the houseguests react to another innocent suspect to the saboteur evicted?
Who is hiding a secret from everyone else?
Which two houseguests will be nominated for eviction?

It all happens now on Big Brother Posted!!!


Host: the answer is 62 minutes. Tiffany, you are the new Head of Household.

Tiffany: OMG OMG!!! This is awesome!
Confessionals: (Tiffany) My first HOH!!! Woo hoo!!! I never thought I could do it, but here I am. I have a week of power, and I am going to use it the best way I can.
Confessionals: (Lynette) Tiffany winning HOH was the second best thing that could have possibly happened, with me winning first, obviously, but at least the Glamour Girls get to rule the house!!!


*Austin and Karissa have a meeting*
Austin: Damn! I thought we could win it, and we lost to that diva! This is a complete outrage!
Karissa: I know, but if you ask me, that competition was all luck.
Austin: But I have no idea what Tiffany is thinking right now.
Karissa: It is okay. I think I might be able to get something out of her.
Austin: Okay. I trust you. I am hoping you have her nomination idea.

[Girls' Room]

*Lynette and Tiffany are jumping with glee*
Lynette: Yay!!! My BFF won HOH!!!
Tiffany: It is so awesome! I can't wait to see my HOH room. It better look fabulous.
Lynette: I am sure it will. The Glamour Girls are in power.
Tiffany: It has the perfect ring to it.
Karissa: *Walks in* Hey, hey, hey, girls! Looks like we got an HOH in here!
Tiffany: Hey, girl! What's up?
Karissa: Just came to check on my girls? So, big HOH. That is a lot of power you got there.
Lynette: It really is if you think about it.
Tiffany: I never even thought I could get Head of Household.
Karissa: So who are you thinking for nominees?
Tiffany: I don't have an idea. How about Candi and Ryan? That would not shake up the house that much.
Lynette: You are right. Sound like a plan? Nothing will really change.
Tiffany: Okay. Sure.
Karissa: I got the runs. GTG!
Lynette: Goodbye.

*Karissa runs back to the bathroom*

Karissa: I got her nominations. She said she wanted to put up Candi and Ryan.
Austin: Good. As long as it is not one of us.
*Candi overhears one the way to the bathroom*
Confessionals: (Candi) So I was waltzing my way to the bathroom, and I did not get the relief I was expecting, if you know what I mean. Apparently, that bass with a side of tard is going to put me up. No way am I going to let that happen.

[Guys' Room]

*Candi has a conversation with Ryan, who is currently drinking water in bed*
Candi: Yo, Ryan. You are not going to believe what I just heard.
Ryan: What did you hear Candi?
Candi: Tiffany might be putting you and me up on the block.
Ryan: What? Are you serious?
Candi: Dead serious. I swear, I am going to get Tiffany, that cunnnnnn....
*Tiffany walks by the room and looks at Candi*
Candi: ...nnnnntaminated water is very bad, Ryan. Don't be an asshole and get sick.
*Candi knocks the glass out of Ryan's hand*
Ryan: God dammit, Candi! Now my bed is wet!
*Tiffany giggles and walks away*
Candi: Phew! That was a close one. Anyways, we have to start saving our butts now, and also, how did Karissa know this?

[Living Room]

*Bren is cuddling with Lynette on the couch and Skylar is on the other side*
Skylar: So you guys are a couple now?
Bren: Yes.
Lynette: Yep.
Skylar: Okay. Just checking.

Confessionals: (Skylar) I can't stand these showmances! They are gross. All lovey-dovey gooey-gooey blah-blah! It is wrong, especially if you are gay.

*Bren and Lynette kiss, and Skylar walks away in disgust, and Candi comes up*

Candi: Hey, guys.
Bren: Hello, Candi. What do you need?
Candi: Nothing. Do you guys hate me?
Lynette: No, we love you. You are funny and fun to be around with.
Candi: Okay, so let's say I was nominated. Would I be the target?
Bren: No. Of course not.

*Ryan walks through the room*
Bren: Ryan!! Don't you dare move!
Ryan: OMFG! What did I do?
Lynette: What do you mean "What did I do?" The last eviction come to mind? What the hell was with the tied vote. I thought we all wanted William out.
Ryan: I never said that.
Bren: Oh, so you are against the house now? ARE YOU!?!?
*Skylar, Tiffany, Austin, and Karissa hear the argument and run to the living room*
Lynette: Tell me, Ryan. Why the f*** were the votes a tie?
Ryan: You guys are making a big deal out of nothing.
Tiffany: What are you talking about? He could be the frickin' saboteur, and you decide to save him.
Ryan: I didn't know you thought he was the saboteur.
Karissa: I told the whole house. You are lying!!!
Candi: Obviously, there are three bitches in this house we are not to trust.
Austin: What is the big deal? William is gone. Get over it, crybabies.
Candi: Cryba- Do you have any idea what this means? There are 3 f***in backstabbers among us, and who knows, one of them could be the saboteur!
Lynette: I voted for William. Let's get that straight. Tiffany did too, so which 3 of you are the backstabbers?
Confessionals: (Karissa) Oh my goodness! Who knew that one vote was going to drag me into this mess? I got to hide my secret, or I am going to be in trouble.

Karissa: I obviously voted to keep Skylar. Austin, Candi, and Ryan are obviously the guilty party.
Candi: Now listen, fat ass bitch, if you think you are going to f***ing come up to me, and accuse me of something that I didn't do, you are a freaking retard.
Karissa: Excuse me! You are the no good, loud mouth, idiot stripper. Lay off, bitch.
Ryan: Stop fighting, guys!!! Just stop!
Tiffany: Karissa! 0_0
Candi: Okay, that is it. There is officially going to the one less girl in this house. There are only going to be three left. Come at me, B-I-T-C-H!!!
Karissa: Bring it on, fat ass!
Skylar: Guys, quit it!
Austin: Let's just change the subject!
Bren: Why, so you can hide your secret: trying to backstab the house!!!
Austin: Why- I would never!
Bren: I know you are hiding something. Fess up, you saved William.
Austin: You want to pick a fight.
Skylar: Stop it!! *Shoves both Bren and Austin, and Austin slaps Skylar*
Skylar: Hey, oh that is it.

*Chaos strikes the house as Lynette and Tiffany try to stop the fight of Karissa and Candi, and Ryan, Bren, Austin, and Skylar fight*

*Television turn on*
???: Hello, houseguests!
*Everyone freezes*
???: So you got William out of the house. Bravo, but once again, an innocent suspect leaves. I am still roaming the house. Have fun this week. It looks like I have caused enough chaos, for now.

*The guys and girls continue to fight, as Lynette and Tiffany are holding each other in the corner*

[Girls' Room]
*Lynette and Tiffany run to the room*
Lynette: *Tears run from her eyes* What is happening?
Tiffany: I don't know. It is dangerous to go back in there.
Lynette: My sweet Bren. What happened to my Bren? Why is he doing this?
Tiffany: I didn't know Karissa even had that in her.
Lynette: This is complete madness.

*They don't heat fighting anymore, and everyone leaves and the girls walk to the living room*
Lynette: T_T I don't think I can see right now.
Tiffany: 0_0 The whole room is destroyed. Wait, a note. It is the saboteur's writing.
Lynette: *Takes note* It says: "I started the fight. From, the Saboteur" Oh my god. It was the saboteur.
Tiffany: I just cannot believe this saboteur could cause this much damage to the house. Austin's anger, your breakdown, and now the house's rage.
Lynette:*Hugs Tiffany*

[Guys' Room]

*Candi and Ryan walk in*
Candi: I do not think that helped us at all.
Ryan: No, plus that fight didn't get us anywhere.

(Moral: Fighting gets you nowhere in life)

Candi: Who knows what Tiffany will end up doing now?
*Austin walks in*
Austin: What are you two looking at?
Candi: What are we looking at?
Austin: Be quiet. *Walks away*

*Skylar walks in and sinks to the floor*
Skylar: This is bullcrap!!! I hate everyone here. I wish everyone would just leave so I could in the grand prize, and make all these losers miserable for the rest of their lives.

*Bren walks outside and yells*
Bren: What is wrong with these people? Nobody I brave enough to confess! Not even me!

[Storage Room]
*Karissa walks in and starts eating while sobbing*
Karissa: T-T I can't believe somebody would talk to me like that. I want everybody out of the house. Every *Munch* body except me and Austin. I will make that *Munch* happen. Just you watch.

[Nomination Time!!!]

*Tiffany calls everyone in from outside*
Tiffany: This is the nomination ceremony. Before I start, I just want to say we all had a bad week, but let's get over it and become friends again. We can't be holding a grudge. Anyways, I will pull the first key, and so on, and so forth.

*Tiffany pulls the first key*
Tiffany: Lynette, you are safe.

*Lynette pulls out a key*
Lynette: Skylar, you are safe.

*Skylar pulls out a key*
Skylar: Bren, you are safe.

*Bren pulls out a key*
Bren: Karissa, you are safe.

*Karissa pulls out the final key*
Karissa: Candi, you are safe.

Tiffany: I have decided to nominate the two people I think betrayed us, Austin and Ryan. You are both great players, and it looks like you guys are going to have to come clean to be safe. This nomination meeting is adjourned.

*Silence fills the house*
Who will in POV, and will it be used to save either Austin or Ryan? Find out in episode 9.

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