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Basically the introduction to the story Short, but it describes better what's happening
"Nobody knew at first, Nobody suspected anything."

It is January 4th 2014, I had just gotten off the bus with my best friends Anne and Marry, and i have been hearing rumors of a new kid coming into the School, and i'm told he is to be in my First, third, fifth, and seventh period.

In some of my classes i had heard so much stuff insulting him lately, but not a word of where he was from.

Some gave him the nickname "Hood Guy" and admittadly, i did laugh, but it's never good to make fun of someone.

I walked into my 1st period classroom, where i had heard the new kid was supposed to be, I walked into the class, talked to my teacher Mrs.Wood, and she said she had heard of a new kid.

"I heard of him, but it doesn't seem like the little guy is here today." She said, with a confident voice.

Mrs.Wood was to assign seats today, and just my luck, she sat the new kid, "Xavier Fox" right next to me, she must have thought i was related to him, or probably even dating him, even though i didn't know the guy.

Just moments after we all had our seats assigned, a faint knock at the door of my class was heart, quiet, but we could hear it clearly.

The teacher went to open the door and it was Xavier, or, we were told he was Xavier,

All we seen was a dark shadow in which was actually his clothing, dark, baggy pants in pitch black coloring, black skeleton gloves which looked like they hurt just to wear, and a long, pitch black hoodie with the hood pulled back, his face  was not pale, but not extremely tan, he appeared to have many scars.

Mrs.Wood looked shocked and even in fear for a few seconds before saying "Have a seat over there, and welcome to Titan County high school."

His steps into the quiet classroom sounded like that of a horror movie, but that didn't stop a jock, Sidney Calloway, from tripping him, Xavier fell to the ground without even trying to break his fall, he didn't weep, he didn't cry, not even a facial expression, he just got back up, and sat down next to me.

Not a change in facial expression once happend with Xavier, and it fascinated me so much, i didn't know i was staring at him until he eventually looked back at me hesitantly with a straight face, but quickly looked back at the wall, staring deep into space, i thought any second he was going to jump up and attack Sidney, or have a heart attack.

When class ended, and the bell sounded, Xavier acted as if he had never heard a bell before, shocked.

He got up, and proceeded to his next class.

The rest of the day was completely the same, not a word, nor expression from Xavier other than a straight face.

Although he scares me, and other people. I know deep down, he is hiding something.

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