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by Bruce.
Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Romance/Love · #1981519
More trouble for Jane when she meets her officer.
Chapter 7

I settled in well at Madlington. I quite like the posting and was driving one of the new Ford Zephyrs on a trip back from RAF Coltishall. My solitary passenger, an air traffic control Flying Officer, sat next to me and it unnerved me a little because it was usual for officers to sit in the back. He became friendly and chatty towards me and insisted we spoke on first name terms, but I found it awkward calling him Malcolm and frequently reverted to calling him sir, causing him some amusement. We pulled up outside the officers' mess. I clicked the door open and was about to get out to open the other door for him.

         He put his hand on my sleeve. "No, Jane, don't get out, I can manage."

         I smiled but looked down at his hand on my arm as I pulled the car door shut again.

         "Look, Jane, we've got on so well it would be such a shame for me to just walk off. I'm not eating in the mess tonight. I was thinking of going into Lincoln. There's a wonderful Greek restaurant I sometimes use, and I'd love you to join me there for dinner."

         I was stunned, thrilled at the prospect of a date with him, not just because I found him attractive, but because I was flattered an officer had taken an interest in me. "But, what if..." I paused. "Won't you get into trouble?"

         He took one of the restaurant's cards from his wallet and gave it to me. "It's not far from the railway station. Just go into Lincoln and then get a taxi. I'll see you in the lounge bar at about eight o'clock. Don't let me down now, Jane." He got out of the car and grinned as he walked off to the mess.

         I sat watching until he was out of sight, still trying to take it all in. I slapped a hand on my thigh. "Bingo," I said and gave a laugh before driving off.

         The evening was a great success and I felt more relaxed now we were out of uniform. We got a taxi back to camp and Malcolm walked me to a garden area at the back of the officer's mess. It was a secluded area and we were almost unnoticeable amongst the shrubbery. I was at ease with the situation, realising we must remain out of sight. If someone recognised me as a Women's RAF driver he would surely get into trouble. I was waiting, anticipating some amorous caressing with him.

         "Do you fancy a drink?" he asked.

         "Where, at this time of night?"

         "We'll go inside."

         "What! I can't go in there. If the MT officer sees me in there, he'll go crazy."

         "No you silly girl." He gave a short laugh before continuing. "See that fire exit, well my room is just the other side down the corridor a little. I'll go in and make sure the coast is clear, then I'll let you in."

         "I don't know, Malcolm, what if I get caught?"

         "You won't get caught, trust me. I'll see you in a couple of minutes."

         "No, I can't."

         "Don't be such a scaredy-cat. Haven't you had a good time tonight? Or have you just gone off me?"

         "It's not that." I looked at the fire exit and then quickly looked away again as if there were something hideous there. "I'm a bit nervous, Malcolm. I'm frightened of getting caught."

         "You won't get caught, come here." I dropped into his arms as he gave me an affectionate kiss before easing away again. "Wait here, I'll be no more than three minutes." Without giving me a chance to protest any further he hurried off to the mess entrance.

         I stood rigid on the spot, imagining moving shapes in the bushes and hearing noises, but it was not long before the fire exit door swung open. Malcolm looked out and beckoned me over. "Hurry up then," he called softly. I hurried over and took hold of his hand as he led me along the passage and into his room. He quietly closed the door behind us. "There, that wasn't so bad, was it?" He leaned me against the door and began to kiss me, but soon moved away. "Bloody hell you're trembling. Is it anticipation or are you still scared?"

         "Malcolm, I'm bloody petrified we'll get caught." I smiled at him. "But I'm excited too, very excited."

         "Shall we skip the drinks then and get into bed?"

         "Malcolm, this is our first night together. I'm not sure we should…"

         "The first night of many I'm sure. If you'll allow me to carry on seeing you, I'll be the happiest man on Earth." He kissed me for a moment and then smiled as if delighted with my response. "I knew right away when I got into the car this afternoon that there was something special about you. You're a wonderful girl, Jane. I could love you, I could love you very dearly if only you would allow me to." He gave a large sigh. "Do we forget the drinks for now then?"

         I laughed and threw my arms around him. "Sod the drinks," I said.

         This was the first time I had made love since Cyprus and our lovemaking was wild and passionate, but we were disturbed by a knock on the door causing me to become rigid, like a statue.

         "Keep the noise down in there, Malcolm, old boy, or everyone will be wanting a go."

         Malcolm laughed as he looked at the worried look on my face. "Don't worry, we'll just have to be a little quieter." He kissed me and kissed me again, and then on the third kiss the statue had gone and my passion returned.

* * * * *

         Three weeks and many nights of passion later, I met Malcolm in Lincoln on Saturday afternoon for a surprise he said he had for me. I saw him approaching and rushed to his arms, eager to learn just what the surprise was. He kissed me and then linked my arm as he walked off with me towards a row of high-class shops.

         “Where are we going?” I asked excitedly, a huge grin beaming from my face.

         “The dress hire shop. We’ll hire the best gown and most expensive jewelry we can. I want to escort the smartest, best-looking lady at the ball.”

         I gave short a giggle. “The ball. And what ball would that be, Malcolm?”

         “The officer’s ball over at RAF Coltishall. I’ve been invited, and I’ve decided to take you with me.”

         I stopped walking as the smile dropped from my face. “We can’t. You keep asking me to take risks, but we can’t go to a ball at an officer’s mess.“ I pulled my arm away from his and blew a large sigh. “We’ll get caught, I know we will.”

         “Don’t be silly. No one knows you there, and you look and behave as well as any officer’s wife. Better than some, in fact.”

         “If anyone finds out I’m a WRAF driver, we’ll both be for it.”

         “Well, don’t let them find out. If anyone asks, just say you’re a civi’, working in Newark.” He took hold of my hand and grinned. “Of course, if you’d rather I took someone else.”

         I looked across to the store and the expensive cocktail dresses displayed in the window. Malcolm was still grinning when I looked back at him. “You like to live dangerously, don’t you?” A slight smile lightened my face. “What the heck. At least I can try some dresses on.”

* * * * *

         I felt proud as I walked into the officer's mess linked on Malcolm's arm. We looked well suited and I looked the perfect officer's lady in the expensive evening dress and hired jewelry. The other ladies instantly accepted me and when Malcolm left me for a while and had a drink with some of his friends, I felt settled and relaxed, chatting with the ladies as if they were old friends. I imagined myself as an officer's wife, thinking of the possibilities of being married to someone as good-looking and charming as Malcolm.

         I felt a sudden apprehension as I looked over towards him and his friends. They all seemed to be looking at me and laughing. I looked away and then looked back, but they were talking normally and I wondered if I had imagined it.

         Malcolm walked over and asked me to dance with him. The dancing school of my youth done me proud and my ballroom dancing was as good as any of the other ladies. After the third dance, Malcolm was in need of a rest.

         "You've quite worn me out, Jane, let's sit down and have a drink." We walked across to a table at the side of the ballroom. Malcolm called out to a steward for some glasses of champagne from his tray, before sitting down with me. "Well, have you enjoyed yourself?" he asked.

         "It's been really wonderful, but it always is when we're together. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me and I love spending time with you."

         Malcolm laughed. "Shall we leave early and get back to camp."

         I looked at him but then gave a laugh. "What are you talking about? I’m having a ball,” I said and gave a laugh at the pun.

         "If that dress is not hanging from my wardrobe door before midnight, you’ll turn back into a WRAF driver."

         I looked about and gave a push on his arm. "Shhh, you fool, someone might hear you."

         “We’d best go then, or I might slip up.”

         I laughed at him before finishing off my drink. “Let’s go then. But I’m not sneaking into your room tonight,” I whispered.

         Malcolm nodded his head and stood up. “We'll see about that.”

         We arrived back at Madlington and I was eager for a session of love in Malcolm’s room. This was my sixth visit and the risk of discovery seemed to have disappeared. As soon as I was in his room, I flung my arms around him and kissed him with a passion that had been simmering in the taxi all the way back from the ball. I was full of a desire to make love with him and hurriedly began to unbutton my gown as he slid off his tie. There was a knock on the door and I gave a look of panic.

         “It’s okay Jane. It’s only the steward from the bar, I ordered us some wine.” Malcolm opened the door slightly and looked at the steward, but he had no wine. The steward stepped to the side and the duty officer, Wing Commander, Bexley-Smith, barged into the room and stared over at me.

         “You’re for it girl,” he yelled. “What the hell are you doing in here?”

         “You can’t shout at her like that, sir, she’s a civilian.”

         “Oh, is she now? One of yours I think, Madeline.”

         I was horrified as the WRAF administration officer followed him into the room. ”SACW, Dale. I would have thought better of you than this. Get out now, and wait for me over at the WRAF block.” I hurried from the room and started along the passage. “Not that way, Dale. Sneak out the back entrance, the way you crawled in. You disgust me, Dale.”

         I turned and hurried out the fire exit like a scolded child, shaking, feeling ashamed, and full of dread that this could be the end of my time in the service. However, to protect the honour of the mess, the matter was hushed up and I was hastily posted off the camp. My depression was intense, knowing Malcolm was still at the base, and he made no attempt to contact me. Worst of all, before I left, the WRAF officer told me my Corporal's examination had been cancelled and I should not waste my time re-applying.

 Red Moon. Chapter 8.  (18+)
Terry joins the Royal Air Force.
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