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Gordy meets Rosie and Ellis gets stuck with Lucy.
Chapter 7

I felt attracted to the auburn-haired girl with the impish hairstyle as soon as I walked into The Coffee Bar and saw her sitting with Gordy. When we left I wondered if I would ever have the good fortune to take her out, or would she think me too young. I accelerated away from The Coffee Bar, increasing the speed rapidly as if trying to impress her, but slowed down again when we had gone from sight. "Who was that in The Coffee Bar?" I shouted back to Gordy.

         "Tony, he's just a lad I know. Bit of a dope really."

         "No, the girl you were sitting with."

         "That's Gloria, you know, the peach I told you about, but don't get any ideas because she's madly in love with her boyfriend."

         "Can't be that madly in love if she goes out on her own."

         "They've had a row, but she'll be back with him tomorrow. She always goes back with him." Gordy leaned forward and shouted louder, making sure I could hear him properly above the noise of the motorcycle engine. "Talking of dopes, head up towards the golf course. I want to pop round the ole tart's house before we go to Crewe."

         I raised my hand to show I understood and set off on the diversion thinking that despite his insults to her, Gordy must have strong feelings for his girlfriend.

         The girl lived in a large semi-detached house in one of the better parts of town. It was not far by speeding motorcycle and we were soon pulling up at the long front garden of the house.

         "Won't be a minute, I'm just going to finish with her." Gordy said.

         I stopped the engine as Gordy walked off towards the house. I sat waiting, thinking how much I was wrong about his thoughts for the girl. But at least he was calling at her house to break the news himself so maybe he was not all bad.

         The girl must have heard the familiar sound of Gordy's motorcycle and she appeared at one of the upstairs windows and gave a wave. Gordy walked down the side of the house towards the back gate and the girl was at the gate when he got there. She was in a dressing gown with a towel wrapped around her head so I assumed she had just got out of the bath.

         I could see clearly as Gordy led her back along the path, leaned her against the house wall, and began kissing her. Maybe he has thought twice about the break-up. Their embrace seemed to get intense and I looked away. When I looked back her gown was wide open and to my surprise, they were having sex against the wall. A bit risky, I thought. What if someone comes out of the house, or even the house next door. I was puzzled when she looked over at me knowing I could see what was going on. I felt uncomfortable and looked away again but looked back when I heard her shouting.

         "Gordy, you bastard, you didn't stop. You said you wouldn't do that again. What if I get pregnant? Shit, what if you've made me pregnant?"

         I didn't hear what Gordy was saying but I heard him laughing. He turned and began walking away from her.

         "No, Gordy, don't finish with me. What is it? What have I done wrong?" She shouted. Gordy turned and blew her a kiss then laughed as he walked away. She began to shout after him. "You're not using me like this, you bastard." She threw open the back gate. "Dad!" she screamed out.

         Gordy stopped and looked back towards her. "Listen, don't be silly," he called back.

         She gave a loud piercing scream and shouted towards the back door. "Help, Dad, help me!" She screamed again.

         Gordy started running from the house shouting to me. "Quick, start the bloody bike." He ran along the path with the girl's father chasing after him with a poker. Gordy leapt on the pillion and I accelerated away. The poker just missed our heads and then bounced along the road. Luckily the man's aim was not too good. Gordy began laughing and raised his arms into the air. "I'm free, freeeee."

         I slowed down so I could hear him. "I thought you were just going to finish with her?" I said.

         "I was," he replied. "But she came down in a dressing gown and was bollock naked underneath. She just had a bath and she smelt lovely for a change. So I thought I'd give her one for old times sake. She got the hump 'cause I didn't use a nodder and then went a bit loopy when I told her we were finished."

         I shook my head. "That's understandable," I said, a bit shocked by his despicable behaviour towards the girl.

         Gordy shouted to me. "Come on, step on it. There's loads of girls just waiting for our arrival at the club." He began singing as we set off for Crewe. "Please, release me, let me go, 'cause I don't love you, anymore."

         The club was packed when we arrived. The main hall had a few side rooms which were opened up to increase the floor space and most of them seemed to be occupied by longhaired dropouts, who were high on something other than alcohol. The place stank of smoke, both cigarettes, and joints, mixed with the smell of body odour. Like Gordy said, I was the only one wearing a suit and I did look overdressed, but contrary to what Gordy said, the lads outnumbered the girls by more than three to one.

         We began to walk towards the bar, but Gordy suddenly made a detour and hurried over to a passage leading to the toilets. "Oy, Rosie," he shouted.

         Rosie was just about to enter the ladies' toilets and she turned to look at him before giving a grin and walking over. "That's good," she said. "If Tony's bloody car won't start later, at least I can get a lift home."

         "Hmmm, might just go out and swap his plug leads about then." Gordy gave a laugh and Rosie laughed with him, leaving me hoping they were joking.

         "Do you know Rosie?" Gordy said. "I'll fix you up with her if you like."

         "Gordy, Tony's only over at the bar and you know I'd never two-time him." She smiled at me and looked me up and down. "Very smart, a bit overdressed for this place though." She fixed a gaze into my eyes for a moment before looking back to Gordy. "Anyway, Gordy, I've got to go to the ladies', I'm bursting. By the way, thanks for taking me home when Tony's car broke down the other night."

         "You owe me. I went right out of my way to take you home."

         "Yeah, and I showed my gratitude, didn't I?"

         "No you didn't, I only got a kiss before your old queen walked in."

         "Well think yourself lucky she never came in a few minutes later. If she'd have caught us at it, she'd have right bashed you up." She gave a giggle and hurried off to the toilets. "I'll see you later," she called.

         Gordy turned to me. "Get the drinks in," he said. "I've gotta go the gents." I watched Gordy walk off but he didn't go to the gents, he followed Rosie into the Ladies.

         The bar was busy and I just got the drinks when I noticed a young girl standing further along waiting to be served. She wore a pair of yellow stilettos, a black pleated mini-skirt, and a yellow sleeveless polo neck sweater. Her black hair tied in a high ponytail, swaying whenever she moved. I found her attractive and because she seemed to be alone, I made my way over to her. "Would you like me to get you a drink?" I asked.

         The girl looked at me but showed no great interest. "Have you got a car?"

         "No such luck."

         "Motorbike, scooter?"

         "No, I've come on the back of my mate's bike."

         "Pity," she said. "Well, in any case, I'm meeting my boyfriend here and he's got no transport either. Not a lucky meeting for either of us then, is it?" She smiled, but turned and moved a few paces down the bar without a second look at me.

         The aroma of her perfume lingered with me and I felt an urge to go after her, but it would be a waste of time if she were meeting someone. I wonder if the outcome would have been different if I'd had my own transport. I walked back over, towards the toilets expecting to see Gordy but there was no sign of him and I was about to go looking for him when he walked out from the ladies toilets not caring if anyone saw him leaving.

         "It's all right, Rosie's on the pill," he said. "Not bad eh? Two in one night and the nights not over yet."

         Just as we began to walk off, Tony walked from around the corner holding a pint of beer and a brandy and Babycham.

         "Hey up, Gordy, have you seen Rosie? She went off to the Ladies ages ago and I haven't seen her since."

         "Nah, I've just come from the bogs myself. You know what women are like though when they go. I don't know what they get up to in there." Rosie walked out from the ladies' toilets and I noticed she was obviously shocked to see Tony standing talking to Gordy. Gordy grinned at her. "Hello, Rosie, how's it going?" he said.

         "Bloody hell what's up, Rosie?" Tony said. "You're all flushed like a Red Indian."

         "She's been to the bogs; she's probably just had a big one."

         "No, it wasn't a big one, Gordy, just a little one." She looked at Tony. "I'm just feeling hot that's all."

         "Could be your lucky night, Tone."

         Tony gave a brief laugh. "Thanks again for helping the other night, Gordy. You're a right good mate." Tony looked at Rosie. "He'll do anything for a friend will Gordy."

         "And that's no lie." She said as she looked over at Gordy." Will always look after his mate's girls if they're on their own, always prepared to give, aren't you, Gordy?"

         Rosie took her drink from Tony and began pouring the Babycham into the glass. "Yeah, well come on, paleface, let's go and sit with the girls, my legs are aching."

         "You might as well come and join us," Tony said. "I'm a bit outnumbered. She's brought Sheila and that Lucy along with us; I don't know why."

         "And I don't know why you wanted to bring three of those coffee bar tarts. I don't even know them, bloody cheek."

         Gordy seemed pleased Sheila was with them, obviously being another of his conquests. "Let's go then and we can have a dance with the girls."

         "But I don't even know them."

         "What do you need a formal introduction or something?" Rosie said. The three of them laughed leaving me feeling a bit foolish after making such a silly comment."

         We met up with the other two girls and Gordy latched on to Rosie's mate Sheila which left me dancing with Lucy.

         I felt no attraction to Lucy at all and I thought it only a little better than being on my own. The record came to an end and we returned to the table to find Rosie sitting on her own.

         "Where's he gone now?" Sheila said.


         "You want to watch that, you know," Gordy said. "You'd be surprised at some of the things what go on in them toilets, especially in the ladies."

         Rosie ignored him and looked at me. "Are you going out with anyone?"

         "No, not at the moment."

         "Are you looking for a girl, or are you still a boy virgin?"

         I was speechless and a little embarrassed made worse by Gordy laughing.

         "Don't be wicked," Sheila said. "Look, you've made him go all red."

         I felt like my face was on fire. I didn't know where to look or what to say, totally unprepared for the girls' remarks.

         "Quick give us a cigarette," Lucy said. "I'll be able to get a light off his face."

         "Oh leave him alone," Sheila said.

         Rosie grinned. "I think Sheila's taken a fancy to you. If you're lucky she might break you in later." Gordy and the girls began laughing. Tony returned and laughed with them, although he didn't know what he was laughing about, and nobody bothered to tell him. He looked at me. "All right, mate?" he said. "Didn't I see you at The Coffee Bar earlier on."

         I didn't get a chance to answer before Rosie interrupted. "You keep going in that Coffee Bar Tony and you and me are gonna fall out. There's all sorts of goings-on down there."

         Gordy took hold of Sheila's hand and pulled her up from her chair. "Come on, let's have a dance."

         This time I was pleased to get up and dance with Lucy because I was still feeling embarrassed and also a bit humiliated having not handled the girls' remarks in a more confident manner.

         A few dances and a few drinks later, we were sitting back at the table, all except Lucy who wandered off somewhere. Despite feeling a bit out of place with the two other couples, I didn't miss Lucy's company. She was drunk and started to become a pest. While dancing with her earlier I noticed the black-haired girl nearby. I tried to manoeuvre behind a group of dancers, but she caught sight of me. I smiled and she just looked away as if ignoring me, but then she looked back at me as if she were interested, before looking away again. I would have tried my luck with the girl again but was embarrassed about being seen dancing with Lucy.

         All too soon, the evening came to an end, the club closed and we all met in the car park by Tony's Ford Anglia. Gordy was sitting on his motorcycle. "Well, I'm off then," he said. "I'll take Sheila home on the bike. You don't mind dropping Ellis back to town do you, Tony?"

         "Course not, jump in the back with Lucy, mate."

         I climbed into the back of the Anglia and after moving Lucy's shoes off the seat I sat down and smiled at her. Her skirt rode up her legs when she clambered in, clearly displaying her knickers. Her mouth hung slightly open, her tongue half out as she stared blankly at me. Her makeup looked a mess as if she had been heavy petting with someone and not bothered to re-do her face afterwards. Rosie put the front seat back down, got in the car, and slammed the door.

         The noise seemed to startle Lucy. She stared at me. "Don't you try nothing. You touch me and I'll sodding kill ya."

         Rosie looked into the back. "Take no notice, she always gets like that when she's pissed. Give her five minutes and she'll be ripping your clothes off."

         I looked out at Gordy and shook my head, but all I got from Gordy in return was a huge grin as he rode off.

         Tony's Ford Anglia stopped at the end of my road. I sat waiting for Rosie to get out and lift the front seat, but she turned and looked back at me. "Well, aren't you gonna give her a goodnight kiss?" she said.

         I looked at Lucy. Her eyes and mouth seemed to be drooping down, her hair hanging limply each side of her face. I thought how she seemed to resemble a bloodhound. She made the move and threw herself at me, slobbering over me. Her breath stank, her mouth was sloppy, wet, and cold, and her tongue was darting in and out of my mouth like a slimy eel. I managed to pull away from her and looked over to Rosie, almost pleading to escape. "I need to get out. I need to go to the toilet."

         Rosie gave a laugh. "Yeah, you look like you're shitting yourself."

         "No, I've had a lot to drink that's all."

         Rosie laughed again but got out of the car. I followed her out and Lucy watched me for a moment before she collapsed across the back seat.

         Rosie stood in front of me and she rested a hand on my shoulder. She took a handkerchief from her pocket and to my surprise, she wiped my lips. The handkerchief was laced with a perfume that sent all my nerves tingling. She put a hand on each of my cheeks and reached over to kiss me fully on my lips. Her lips were also soft, but not sloppy like Lucy's, they were hot and sensual and I felt as if I were receiving an electric charge from her. I was about to respond to her teasing, but Tony called out to her and she moved away. "Goodnight then, Ellis," she said, with a mischievous smirk on her face. She got back into the car and grinned as the car pulled away.

         I set off down the street towards home thinking on how alluring Rosie was. She seemed a naughty girl more than a bad girl, but she was not the sort of girl I would take home to meet my parents. Lucy, Lucy was just a foolish young girl and I wondered whatever would become of her if she didn't change her ways.

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