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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Dark · #1981604
A dark story I wrote for a contest.
No Last Chance

         The ancient, metal gates clanked shut. I turned around and felt my breath catch in my throat. I grabbed the bars and shook them vigorously. It was warm and dark. The darkness was blacker than I had ever seen. It was lonely. I crossed my arms as if hugging my body. It was the only comfort I had. I walked down what seemed like to me, a tunnel. The tunnel seemed to spiral downwards becoming steeper with every step that I took. I walked for what seemed like hours. Then, I saw a flicker▬a flash of red light and then all was dark again. I squinted my eyes to try to penetrate the darkness that surrounded me, but to no avail.
         I walked for what seemed like for another couple of hours, hoping I would see the flash of light again. I walked further and further. Sweat was now beading from my forehead and running into my eyes, stinging them. How did I even get to this place? The only thing I remember was I was robbing a bank with my friends and then I heard a gunshot and everything went black and when I woke, I woke in this place. Screams pierced through the blackness and invaded my thoughts. There was the flash of red light again! I walked a little faster through the smothering darkness. It was hard not to stumble, the tunnel or whatever it was kept spiraling downward, rendering it difficult to stay afoot. I reached up and pulled off the black, facial toboggan that was rolled up and sitting on top of my head. When I grabbed it, it was wet. I couldn't see what had gotten all over it. The liquid felt thick and that's when I stopped in mid step and started doing my best to examine the fluid. I rubbed the goo between my pointer finger, middle finger and thumb, trying to feel its consistency. I smelled it, then slowly licked a tiny amount from my index finger. "Blood! It's blood!"
         I immediately threw my toboggan down and felt the back of my head. My head was bald, which I remembered was my style. 'It looked a lot more manly and tough looking', I recalled saying at one time. There was a hole as big as a golf ball in the middle of my head. Blood oozed from it, trickling down my head and onto my what I thought to be, t-shirt. My hands fumbled to my forehead. My hands shook with fear and confusion. The hole on my forehead matched the hole in the back. I must have been shot! Then why I am I here instead of the hospital? How am I not dead? Or am I?
         Screams penetrated the darkness once again. "Hello?! Is anyone there?! Where am I?" No one answered my calls. The heat seemed to jump another 40 degrees. It all looked hopeless. I walked for hours on top of hours with a gaping whole in my head with no sign of anyone to help me. Then finally, the flash of red light appeared again and kept violently flashing. I ran toward it. The red light engulfed me, rendering me powerless and unmovable. It was cold in the tunnel in comparison to the blazing heat in the red light that consumed me. It was all intense. The screams that I heard before, was now piercing and quickly became so shrill that it rendered me deaf.
         The light released me, flinging me onto a brimstone wall burning my white t-shirt and flesh off my back. I screamed. The pain was unbearable. I thought I was going to drop to the floor below, but there wasn't a floor. There was only a lake of fire that swirled like a vortex and bubbled wildly hot. Some of the globs of fire bubbled, then shot straight up and hit my legs, burning off the light blue, denim, jeans clean off my legs. I screamed in agony again. Chains of fire wrapped around my wrists. I was in complete and utter misery and in the most pain I have ever felt in my life. Chunks of my tanned skin hung off my bones revealing muscles and veins and eventually bone.
         "Please God! Get me out of my misery! I'm sorry for anything and everything I have ever done wrong! I'm sorry for all the evil thoughts I have ever thought! Please! God! Please forgive me! I'm sorry I never believed in you! I've changed my mind! I believe in you God! Just please God, please help me! I waited for God to help, but help never came. I heard the roaring of the crackling of fire and brimstone. It dawned on me where I was. I was in that place called Hell. I then knew it was too late for me. It was too late to ask for forgiveness. I was doomed for all eternity forever, forever in torment. "Ahhhhhhhhh! The pain! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!"
         The lake of fire began swallowing my body and soul up. It gobbled me up like I was nothing. The pain only intensified. I was thrown around in the fire, flames engulfed me. There were others in the flames to. They were screaming and crying. They didn't care if I was there. They clawed at what flesh I had left and dug into me. Their nails felt like burning daggers. Between the fire melting off the flesh and other people in the fire thrashing into me, I have no flesh left on me. The swirling lake of fire vortex kept swirling deeper and deeper. It seemed to have no end.
         Hands grabbed me out of the the continuous, never ending lake of doom. I was hoping it was God giving me another chance, but it wasn't. Black figures pulled me onto a scorching, hot, stone floor. They laughed at every effort I made to try to escape them. They slung me onto an equally hot stone wall. The chains that held my wrists were transparent darkness holding me there. I looked at them angrily, "Who are you?" They laughed. They sounded wicked.
         "We are Satan's Dark Angels. We sure know who you are. You are one of the many already won trophies."
         "I am a trophy to you? Is that it!"
         "Yes!" they hissed. They all spoke as one. They sounded like a legion of voices.
         "God help me! Get me outta' here!"
         "He can't hear you. It's already too late for you. Your soul is doomed to Hell from all the evil deeds you done on earth, our playground. You listened to us when we would tell you things to do. You would happily do them."
         "I don't remember any of you ever talking to me!"
         "We spoke to your mind, in your own thoughts, using your own voice, in your dreams, and we used other people. You didn't except the Son of God's Salvation that would have shunned you from this place. You would have been God's property if you had excepted, but you didn't and now you're ours. You had plenty of chances to get right with God, but you said it was corny and weak. Remember?"
         "No I ▬ "Yes I do remember."
         "Hehehe." they laughed in unison. "Now back in the flames you go!" They slung me into the lake of fire and the flames engulfed me.
         "We'll be seeing you a little later. . .at the end of time. We all belong to Satan, including you now!" they yelled as they danced and chanted. Their shadow like figures darted across the chamber as they danced merrily. The flames covered my head and the forever burning lake scorched what was left of my body and consumed my soul.

Word Count:1297

© Copyright 2014 Victoria31 (victoria31 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1981604