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The origins of Charon - the ferryman of death
The Ferryman's Curse

The myths of old, as stories, told
to frighten children to behave.
Yet they are more than just fool's gold;
they carry truth beyond the grave.

The war was brought to Athen's door
as brothers fought for power.
The Spartans came upon their shore;
no longer would they cower.

A call went out across the land
for men to arm and join the fray.
Persius answered, "I will stand
for family," that fateful day.

He had no fear for his own soul
but prayed the ancient Gods protect
his wife and child; to keep them whole
should the Spartans reign unchecked.

The battle raged, the victory won
but at a cost – too many lives.
Blood soaked with the fighting done,
the soldiers returned to their wives.

As Persius climbed the final crest
the distant smoke, he quickly learned,
tore his heart from heaving chest –
his home, his life before him burned.

Madness gripped him. From lips burst
oaths condemning man and God.
No God escaped – each was cursed
by accusations they were fraud.

He swore that even death's cold hand
would not keep him from retrieving
wife and child from that dark land.
He set forth, no longer grieving.

The Gods were angered; his affront
was more than their egos could bear.
They set a path for him to hunt;
a spider luring prey to lair.

Though arduous, with single mind
he searched the land for Hades gate
until the entrance he did find:
the river Styx. He paused, to wait.

Now the Gods revealed their plan:
a boat to cross this dark, vile way
but he couldn't cross it as a man.
He'd have to serve them for a day.

And so the ferryman was born
carrying souls to final peace.
He was bound by oath – until the morn
when he would, at last, have his release.

In the nether world, eternal night
reigns without break of coming day.
It is a place that has no light;
time itself holds no certain sway.

With each crossing he can see
his wife and child wait on the shore
and thus it shall be for eternity.
The Gods have settled up the score.

A entry for "The Lair
Prompt: Charon ~ The ferryman of Hades who carries souls of the newly deceased across the rivers Styx and Acheron that divided the world of the living from the world of the dead.
Line Limit: Minimum 30
Line Count: 56
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