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If you were the One, what would you do?
The One

I will be new to writing for awhile, I am sure. I've had a few reviews now and have even more confidence then when I began. That is a boat load of confidence and for me that also means a big boat. I am big and I think big, I have always been this way.

What if you thought big too, what if you pulled a quarter out of your pocket one day and you could see it, larger then your neighbors above ground round pool, or that one you remembered. If you had big quarters, maybe you have the gift too.

You have a gift and your born a natural leader, here on earth. It is rightfully your 'Job' to save your planet, from it's very own inhabitants. Creatures who by nature, destroy themselves. Walk with me will you, 'they' now are known to kill everything good that comes their way.

Sometimes out of ignorance but most times out of fear. Not only are you good and come with gifts, you know your walking into a 'crowd' of hungry yet angry people. You know they need you, you also know many will kill you based solely on their own history.

Now history is great, plan A didn't work, we got that move on to plan B, do no sit here and keep looking at plan A to see what happened, it failed. That is what happened and we as a race are prone to looking back and missing out on many good things, right before our eyes, under our noses etc.

There is good everywhere but there is also this 'evil' and you are reminded as "the One" that these people expect you to have secret powers and your evil, maybe have horns and so much more silly stuff. You are also reminded that 'your job' is to unify this rock and make ALL of the COUNTRIES, get along.

That's your only job. After that, I hear your supposed to uproot the good and all out hell breaks loose. Literally, now I am left wondering, you have the gift, you know you need to get to 'the top', how do you do that? Then what would you do if you were, the One?
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