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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #1981673
The Lich has returned and Finn the Human - the only one who can stop him - has vanished.
A short time ago, the Land of Ooo knew a time of Peace and Prosperity. The several kingdoms that sectioned the land coexisted harmoniously for the known time. But now the world as it's citizens know it, is about to change.

No one knows how it happened, but for those who do remember, it was because of the War. When the bombs came down and the mushrooms rose up...He was born. The Lich King - the Evil Harbinger of living Death, whose footsteps carry a pestilence and disease. The Lich was obsessed with spreading death and destruction wherever he went. And for the longest time, his one true desire was to wipe out all life as we know it and leave the world in ruin.

For the past 1000 Years, he hid away in his hollow down deep within the Earth of Ooo, until...a warrior rose up to challenge him. A Giant named Billy, trained as a Hero; he wielded a Magic Powered Gauntlet, and a large sword - Nothung. He battled the Lich and cast him down - trapping him in a prison of Amber underneath the central Tree in the Candy Kingdom.

Thanks to the foolishness of Princess, the Lich escaped and possessed her body. He planned to bring on a second age of darkness had he not been defeated again and presumably destroyed. But it was a trick. He hid away inside the body of a possessed Snail whom he used to do further dealings to serve his agenda.

After stealing the Enchiridion - the Book of Heroism - the Lich returned, killing his old enemy, Billy in order to possess HIS body. He went on a mission to open a portal to the Lair of Prismo - the center of the Universe, to fulfill his goal of causing the extinction of all life in the Universe. But thanks to the cunning of Prismo, his plans were thwarted and he was returned to Ooo. He had since gone quiet.

But now, the Lich has risen from his lair in the deep Dark of the Earth. He is leading a huge army meant to attack the good people of Ooo and wipe all life from the planet once again. He is preparing to make his first strike against the Land of Ooo, and soon he shall be ready to make his War - a war to end all life as we know it.

Only Finn the Human, Hero of the Candy Kingdom, and student of Billy can stop him. But before the Lich made his campaign known, Finn the Human vanished - disappearing from the world like the wind. His absence has caused a disturbance to his closest friends and allies. A land-wide search for him has yielded absolutely no results. No one - not even his best friend, Jake the Dog, knows where he is now, or even why he went missing. In these dark times, his friends have hope that he is indeed still alive. Finn's purpose in this affair will be great.

Some things are certain. Finn is the last hope that Ooo and its people have in defense against the Lich. But more importantly Finn is the last human alive in existence - he carries the legacy of a great people on his shoulders. He is a living relic, an antique, the last connection Ooo has to a time before the War. No one knows how it is possible that a single human child could survive, but Finn is the only thing that stands between the Human Race and extinction. And because of Finn's importance, the Lich will stop at nothing to find him and destroy him once and for all.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1981673