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Rated: 18+ · Other · Action/Adventure · #1981721
chapter 1 in Doll of War
Chapter 1

Sometimes I used to wonder, what life was like on the other side. The glass between worlds became smudged with finger prints of those who had thought the same thing. The walls had been there, as far as I can remember, separating us from those who were not us. They considered themselves better, stronger, and more intelligent. All because they were human... Well, what is human anyway?

I looked from the wall down to my hands, my eyes analyzing the different joints and features of my hand, analyzing the synthetic material that could be what I could closely relate to "skin". I looked back up to the wall and stepped back a few paces, to where the sun glared upon its surface allowing my reflection to appear. Before me stood a girl, petite in frame and young in appearance. She had long curly maroon hair, the tips a beautiful mint green. Her eyes were hazel, their appearance both of innocence and curiosity, with the air of a bitter intelligence hidden behind her porcelain features.
She looked relatively human, actually almost identical. She was wearing a blue t-shirt with the words "Forsola Valley" printed upon the breast, and a pair of jean shorts with black sneakers. This was me, a Doll.
Now lets go a little further into why there were glass walls keeping me away from humanity. To be honest it wasn't just me. Pushing the dial back, maybe 150 years or so, humanity had suddenly broken the technological barrier regarding life and computers by creating the first automaton that could actually think and move on its own without any hitch. However, this movement soon became obvious as a mistake on their part, since the automaton began to think and with thought comes concern and thus it began to develop free will.
Humanity, so bent on control, became nervous as more and more automatons came into production. They felt that if they were able to control what we think, it would make it less of a hassle to deal with us in case one got out of line. That didn't go over so well considering the fact that the more they tried to control, the more flawed their thinking became in the frantic struggle that ensued. An all out war between the species began, humans fighting automatons, each slaughtering countless others on either side hoping to gain dominance. That is, until the Treaty of Forsola was initiated between a member of the Copper Coil and the Human Defence Coalition in hopes to leave with a little casualties as possible.
The glass walls were erected soon after, made of such high density materials that it would take extreme measures to break through. The war stopped and each side began to live isolated from the other in hopes to create paradise.

I kicked a rock near my shoe and it bounced against the glass, a loud "tink" echoing across the expanse. I sighed, turning around to face Forsola, the city in which this automaton faction was contained. There were countless colonies, as there were human colonies that were scattered across Earth's face. Each were also contained within glass structures to better protect them from each other. I'm personally surprised that Earth didn't cave in from all the chaos since most of the resources were used during the wars. Being an automaton had its perks though. I didn't get sick, and therefore didn't need medicine. Thirst was minimal, as being a machine of sorts I still needed some sort of liquid to keep my more vital parts working smoothly. Unlike my more clunky and metallic brethren, I liked water. Go figure.
But even with all those perks that are part of every automaton, I was a little different then the rest. To put it as bluntly as possible, I could feel. My parents thought it was just a bug in my programming that just needed a few cycles to fully eradicate itself, but i could feel to what had been diagnosed as "Human Level". Not only was it unheard of, but it made the others wary of me. They felt that if I were to feel like a human, I would begin to think like one and thus start a war of my own. I would obviously look at them and respond that they had a few bolts shy of an toaster and would walk off.
It was frustrating. To be the only one with emotion was kind of a bitch to be honest with you. I mean, it pissed me off to the point of crying and that was not a pleasant feeling. I would get angry and start throwing things in my room and I've always done that, especially when I was little. I didn't understand it to be an action only humans did.
"Maya!" a voice called, drawing my attention to a nearby doorstep. The man smiled at me, his green eyes sparkling in the sunlight.
"Hey, Bolstof. How are you?" I asked. I hadn't seen him in a little while, he was usually busy.
"Nothing much, just working in the shop as of late. Been kind of boring really." He continued to smile, walking towards me. I got a little nervous.
"I'm sorry, that has to suck. How have the others been? Everyone's been kind of distant as of late."
"Well, when you suddenly start going against your processors in the middle of town, it kind of does that. I'm glad you've reset."
"Reset my ass. I haven't done anything that would even remotely count as that in my books." I said in a huff. This was starting to grate on my last nerve, being treated like an outsider. It was stupid. I mean, if I was one of them, I would just be as plain and as repetitious as they were.
And that is when it dawned on me. I wasn't like them, not a single bit. Why had I not seen it before? I was nowhere near like them, and to subject myself to being part of this made less sense than it did before. As I thought about it more, I had the most craziest, hair-brained idea to skip town. I don't need to be here, and there isn't anything keeping me from leaving either. Bolstof looked at me, his mental gears trying to understand why I was acting a little out of code. It was cute, but its what normally happened in this town. They were all the same, barely changing anything except for jobs and looks.
I rolled my eyes, causing his expression to getting worse by the second. So I did the next best thing.
"I'll catch you later. I have things I need to get done before the town meeting tonight."
"Alright. Just don't be late. You know how they'll react if you are."

I was not planning on attending that meeting. Definitely not going to sit around listening to old stories about oppression and anti-human behaviors. I hated it. I remember when I woke up, I remember every little thing. When the town met me was a little after the wars. I don't age, which is good in some aspects and terrible in others. But I never told them that I had a human father. I just played dumb and acted like the rest of them. Truth is, whenever I looked out that glass, I was watching for him. Unfortunately, I knew otherwise as he had passed away during the war. But I kept searching, looking for that light that would take me down that path. So tonight I had reasoned with myself that it was time to break through and escape out into the open world. It was time, yet I honestly had no idea how I was going to get out.
The sun began to set as I had finished packing my bag. One good thing about living by myself is that I didn't have anyone questioning where I was going; But honestly, I wish there was someone who would. Without my father, I had to brave everything by myself and make sure I continued where he lived off. I am a Lustreglass after all. What that means, I don't know but my father always made it a point.
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