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by K-6
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Friendship · #1981823
A man and his catgirl
I smile at the 20 foot tall catgirl gently purring,she waves her pink tail happily."Hi Roxy,you wanna cuddle?" She slinks on the couch next to me.Her arms wrap around me,dragging me to her chest. I lay my head on her soft large breasts. Her legs wrap around me followed by her tail. "Your really an affectionate kitty." I mumble, as she showers my head in kisses. I lay in my pets arms, Roxy continues to hug and kiss me. "Master is Roxys favorite cuddle toy." She purrs while kissing my head loudly. "Roxy, can you?" She moves before I finish. Pulling open her bra and placing my head in between her clevage. "Better master?" I mumble yes before closing my eyes.
Master is asleep,awww. I love master . I listen to him mutter in his sleep. " love you Roxy." I purr and hug him tighter. He sighs in his sleep. I stand up gently carrying master to our bed. It's actually just a bunch of blankets and pillows, I'm too big for a bed.
I curl under the covers and hug master closer to me. "Good night master, I love you" I gently drift to sleep
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