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An humorous ode to a magical number
Humble Pi

Consider humble Pi. It is a number never ending.
It never repeats itself as its value keeps ascending.

Based upon a circle, many men have tried
to calculate the ratio of its width to its outside.
It’s called irrational because it can’t be made a fraction.
The challenge of its nature has been a call to action.

The number Pi has played a role in every life on earth.
From physics to statistics, it’s always proved its worth.
The tires that you ride on, the table where you dine,
little Pi was there throughout its concept and design.

Humble Pi is constant – it’s been a great addition
and quietly serves us each day without recognition.
If you can’t appreciate why I hold this number high,
then shame! It’s you that should be eating humble pie

An entry for the 3/15 round of "The Writer's Cramp
Prompt: Today, March 14, or 3/14 in some formats, is Pi Day, a day to celebrate the mathematical constant that rounds off to 3.14. And to eat pie. So write a story or poem about someone celebrating Pi Day.
Line Count: 14
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