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A brief synopsis of my hypothetical rock star encounter
If I could meet a Rock star

Who would I meet?

That is easy. I would meet my favourite singer Pink. I have been inspired by her since I was a teenager, and I find her fascinating.

Why would I choose this person?
She is my example of a strong lady. She is smart and fun, sexy but not trashy, healthy, and strong. All the things I aspire to be one day. I look up to her like she is my mentor but only I do not want to be a singer. I just want to have the same attributes in personality as this wonderful lady. I think you can't judge her. She talks about tough subjects but she keeps her personal life private and does not flaunt herself. She brings important issues to the media and that is one good reason to like her.

What would I do when I met her?
I would ask her to play a song for me and I would play along on my flute. I would try to see if I could create a new sound with her. I would go do some fun stuff like rock climbing and mountain biking because I imagine she enjoys these tough sports. I would ask to take a photo of me and her for my scrapbooks so I can show my children that I met my mentor. Then finally if she was willing I would have her help me to die my hair some funky color like she did!

Meeting my mentor, Pink, would be fascinating and exhilarating. It would surely be a one for my memory book I would love that encounter. I wish her all the success in the world and hope one day this dream comes true!
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