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A rather short treat for your minds. Two boys have fun occupying their time.
The gift of fun

Tom and I had been friends for many years, he was a rugged yet slender fellow. He was maybe an inch taller than I measuring about 5 feet 11 inches. I was somewhat ‘beefier’ then Tom but I was quite fit at that time. We were walking one day when out of nowhere it seemed “hey check that out, there’s a new park bench by the water”.

Tom had pointed to a brand new wooden park bench with metal legs and back rails. It was really nice, this little pond we visited isn’t that popular but I remembered growing up thinking they needed a bench here, for my parents. I sat with tom now on the bench and we looked out over the pond, there was no breeze and for a moment I thought the water was without ripples!

“Ouch” I heard as I jumped off the bench quickly, I landed several feet away from Tom who had now been standing slightly to the side of the bench with his back to me, He looked as though he was holding something. “What the heck man, you scared the wrong out of me”. “You won’t believe this he said, sounding horrified, “what I said, what’s wrong?”

“I can’t tell you” he said and began rambling as though someone turned his volume down. I walked over to make sure he had hands. He just walked away so I gave him some space. After a moment of thought and looking over at Tomboy, I sat back on the bench. I remembered that one day, when Tom and I played ball on the other side of the pond.

There is a baseball diamond opposite of where I sit, I can see it through the trees, if you were here with me now, on the bench, you would only see trees. Unless you have been there, you only have my point of view to go on. Now then, one day Tom and I were on opposite teams and it was the “BIG GAME” I remembered us yelling it at each other as though we were taunting, with smiles.

It was the bottom of the ninth, basses loaded and a full count meaning if I swing at the ball and miss, we Lose. If I hit the ball and no one catches it, then one player runs across the home plate, “WE Win” The imaginary crowd echoes in my head. I remembered Tom’s last words “If you hit it to me, I will catch it, I promise you that”. Just before we shook hands and walked to our perspective teams.

I pulled Tom in and said, “You’ll be here awhile, I’m sending this one around the world first”. We both laughed but I have to admit, I was scared because not only are we best friends, we are great ball players. Of course his team makes him play center field, right where I always hit the ball. I remember that last pitch, as though the pitcher put all his might onto this throw, he knew how important it was.

I swung my old wooden bat as hard as I could, never taking my eye off of the ball. I hit that ball so hard, I knew it went around the world. Everyone else said it landed in the pond, I don’t remember seeing any ripples that day either. Tom and I laughed and debated over where that ball landed, in the middle, to the right.

We just never found out. I looked over at Tom who was now crying, I asked “hey are you OK?” He was holding something with his hands cupped around it, as though he was holding a small bird. “Yes, I think” he walked over and sat on the bench. When he opened his hands, I started to cry too. It was the ball I hit thirty years ago, it landed in Toms lap. He kept his promise.
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