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A brief editorial on the concept of true love.
True love

It is a concept that is understood best after the experience of having it. One can pretend or force herself to believe she knows what it feels like before she really knows anything. Take the young inexperienced girl for example.

This girl believes that true love will be perfect. A man with all the physical attributes of a perfectly beautiful creature will appear one day. This man will woo her with sweet words and candy or flowers. He will be able to ease all her fears and make her fall in love at first sight, and every other sight of him she has encountered in their hypothetical relationship. This is fantasy. But this is not true love. For a fictional dream like that does not exist. As it is impossible to find such a man; it is impossible to find such a person!

True love is much more complicated than that. It comes to you when you do not expect it. It comes in the form that is unique to you and your life. In my opinion, and that's what this editorial is -just my opinions-, the form true love takes can not be molded from any cookie cutter dream.

The appearance of true love can not be fit into an agenda like you schedule your school exams. It is going to come to you when and how it has been designed by God to come in your life.

The essence of true love is that special someone who completes your life. That one who can relate to all your good and bad traits or at least empathize fully with them. This person is prepared to help you journey with them through your maze/forest of twists to achieve a balanced life. That's why it is TRUE love. If this person was just there to have fun with you but never really help you then it would be false love. False love is here today and gone tomorrow.

True love is priceless and you will know when you find it. That feeling and knowledge lifts you up. It makes you strong on your own two feet. That you do not need that person beside you but you want that person beside you and you will do anything, wait for anything and not be afraid of anything just to have the chance to call this person your true love.

I think I have an understanding of true love that is so profound and it makes my years of suffering and being hurt worth it because I am strong enough to overcome the rough spots of meeting and developing one lasting,.lifelong true love.
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