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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Gay/Lesbian · #1982183
Jennifer and her friends go camping over a very rainy weekend
"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Jennifer asked as she glanced up at the grey sky. She glanced at her friends and found she received blank stares from all of them.

"Why?" Jenna asked, hands crushed into her tiny waist.

"Well," Jennifer went on. "I mean the weather report said it's going to rain the whole time."

"Shut up and get in the car," Maria laughed.

"Yeah, stop bringing the trip down," Kelly agreed with a scowl.

"I'm not! It's just we're going camping. You do know that means we risk being waterlogged or just stuck in the tent?"

"You're such a worrier," Kelly told her, slinging her bag into the car.

"It's alright, I have plenty of drink." Maria shook the box beside her with a giggle."And you're sharing the tent with me so you've got nothing to worry about!"

Jennifer glanced at the box and bit her lip. Maybe she's right. Her worry melted and she jumped into the car beside her friends.

Jennifer knew she was a worrier. She'd grown up like that and now, as she reached the pinnacle of her sweet sixteenth, she finally understood the reason. She had been hiding a part of herself for a lot of years, as long as she could remember, and it made her anxious. Sighing as she stared out the window at the greenery rushing past she wondered if she'd ever find the courage to be truthful with those around her.

They made it to the campsite in a couple of hours. The day was still grey and overcast, but still warm. Jennifer was thankful for that at least. They pitched the two tents next to each other and got everything ready and it was just at that moment the sky opened. Torrents of rain poured from the sky in a grey deluge. Jennifer dived for the tent, making it through the open zipper followed closely my Maria.

Maria glanced over at Jennifer and in the murky darkness of the tent, both girls burst into fits of laughter.

"Can you believe that?" Maria asked as she peeked outside, being careful not to get any closer to the edge than she had to.

Jennifer grinned. "I told you so."

"It's alright." Maria patted the box at the bottom of the tent.

"Always thinking ahead."


"I wonder if Jenna and Kelly made it into their tent." For a moment the two girls listened. All that could be heard was the patter of rain drops on the tarpaulin. Closing her eyes, Jennifer relaxed back onto her makeshift bed and let it sweep over her. Maybe this won't be so bad after all.

The sound of a can being popped exploded through Jennifer's eyes and she glanced over at Maria. "Want one?" Maria wiggled her eyebrows.

"Sure thing." Jennifer sat up and took the cold can, chugging back the bitter liquid. "Where'd you get this anyway?"

"My brother," Maria giggled as she popped another can. Tilting her head back, she took a long drink of the cider. Jennifer watched as her throat moved, the way her lips encircled the can and the look of peace that rested on her friend's face. Her heart sped up. When Maria stopped drinking it was with a sigh of satisfaction. She looked over to Jennifer. "What's up?"

"Um, nothing." Jennifer's eyes dropped. "You look like you were enjoying that." Did she realise that I was staring at her?

"Tasty!" Maria licked her lips and lounged back on her sleeping bag.

The inside of the tent was hot and stuffy but it was nice compared to the rain outside. It didn't give up all day. The rain kept pouring from the sky and as the hours passed, the alcohol flowed. Jennifer wasn't a big drinker and soon she realised it was catching up to her. Her hands tingled and her head felt light and woozy.

"Is it supposed to feel like this?" Jennifer leaned up on her elbow and gazed at Maria.

"What?" Maria turned to look, her eyes wide.

"Being drunk."

Maria giggled. "You're slurring your words."

"So are you." Jennifer stuck her tongue out.

"Yeah. Feels good doesn't it?"

Jennifer nodded as she took a sip of a can. The empties were resting by the opening of the tent where the grey sky had turned a deep hue of midnight blue. Maria reached up and clumsily flicked on the light, before slumping back down.

"It feels like nothing matters anymore," Jennifer whispered as she took another sip. She gazed at Maria's form lying still on the sleeping bag. So perfect.

"Nothing does matter," Maria sang, brushing her dark hair back with her hand.

"You think?"

Her friend nodded and tried to take a sip of her can. Instead it spilled down her cheek. Gagging she bolted upright and wiped the sticky liquid from where it dripped to her chest. Then turning to Jennifer she giggled. "See. It doesn't matter."

Jennifer grinned. Maybe she's right. Nothing matters anymore. Nothing ever did. Why have I been hiding for so long? She looked at her friend in the dull light and bit her lip. "If nothing matters, can I tell you something?"

"Sure thing Jenny bee." Maria waited silently in the darkness of the tent, eyes unfocused but intent.

"I'm gay." The words tumbled from her mouth where they fell into the silence of the tent. The two friends locked eyes and for a moment the tension that filled the small space brought her crashing down. What have I done? Her stomach flipped as she dropped her gaze. What an idiot! I can't believe I just—

Her thoughts were interrupted when Maria's hand reached under her chin and lifted her head up. For a moment the two young women gazed into each others eyes, only inches apart. Then without further hesitation, Maria leaned forward and brought her lips to Jennifer's. They were soft and warm and delicious. Jennifer kissed her back, feeling the tingle in her limbs increase and work it's way up to her heart which thrummed wildly in her chest.

When Maria pulled away she smiled at Jennifer and took her hand. "I'm gay too."

Prompt: A weekend camping trip where it rains the entire time.

Word count: 1045

Written for: "The LGBT Writing Contest - reopens 2021

Thanks for the mention in "For Authors Newsletter (March 26, 2014)
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