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The ghosts visit Rosie's house.
Chapter 8


Gordy sped back to Locksford with Sheila clinging onto him from the pillion seat. He knew she was scared by the speed they were travelling, but also knew she always enjoyed the thrill and the excitement of the ride. They were soon pulling up at Gordy's favourite spot in the woods near Carver's Hollow. He parked his bike against a tree and they immediately began a passionate kissing session. Gordy took advantage of her excited state and slid a hand up under her skirt. She pushed him back and pulled his hand away from her thigh. "Have you got a rubber?"

         "Nah, you know I don't use them things."

         "Well you can forget it then, keep your hands off."

         "That's not right, is it, all the time I've spent with you tonight? Come on, Sheila, I'll be careful, I know when to stop." He put his hand on her leg and she swiftly knocked it away again.

         "I've got two kids at home from people who said they knew when to stop."

         "Bloody hell, Sheila, I can't believe you're not on the pill now. Rosie gets pills for Lucy, I'm sure she'd get you some as well."

         "Course she would, but I'm not taking no pills thank you very much. Who knows what can go wrong."

         Gordy shook his head and gave a sigh. "Oh don't be daft, everyone says they're safe."

         "Yeah, everyone that doesn't have to take them. Forget it, Gordy, no protection, no sex."

         "Well sod you then, you can walk home if that's how you want it. No sex, no lift home."

         "All right, but I won't go home. I'll find the nearest phone box, get one of my brothers to pick me up and tell him what you've done. Only I'll add a bit on, you know, a busted zip on the skirt, a rip in the blouse. You know what my brothers are like, don't you?"

         "Hold on, Sheila, I'm only bloody joking? Of course, I'll take you home. You didn't think I'd really leave you here, did you? And it's not because of your brothers. I'm not scared of them. I can't believe you thought I was serious. What sort of bloke do you think I am?" Gordy was not about to give up yet and he reached over and began kissing her, feeling pleased about the return of her amorous response. He thought he would continue for a while and try his luck again. It was not as if they never shared the sexual experience before. He felt sure he could talk her round again if he could get her excited enough. She suddenly pushed him away.

         "What was that?" she said.

         "What, I never heard nothing?"

         "There's someone over there." A small twig of deadwood fell from above and hit Gordy on his shoulder.

         "Shit, what the hell's going on?" he said.

         "It's a lump of wood, they threw it at you."

         Gordy picked up the twig and tossed it into some weeds. "Don't be silly, it just fell, snapped off in the wind."

         "No, no there's ghosts here, you know. They reckon it's haunted. Look over there, there's something moving in the bushes. Sod this I'm off." She pushed past Gordy and ran across to his motorcycle and pushed her foot down on the kick-start lever, trying to start the engine.

         "Bloody hell, hold up." Gordy rushed across to stop her in case she damaged the motorbike or pulled it over onto herself. "I'll start the bike, you idiot, just get on the back." He shook his head, almost in despair. "And I thought I was going to get the hat trick tonight." They rode off and Sheila looked back, positive they just had an encounter with the ghosts, but on this occasion, it had only been the wind and her imagination. The spirits of Rachel and her companion were elsewhere.

* * * * *

         It was just before two in the morning when Tony pulled up outside Rosie's house. "See you tomorrow then," Rosie said as she got out, having no idea the ghosts from Carver's Hollow were there, watching her every move.

         Tony switched the engine off and made a move to get out of the car. "Don't bother getting out," Rosie said. And don't try anything with her, 'cause she'll tell me you know."

         Tony gave a quick glance back at Lucy who was still asleep on his back seat. "But you said I could come in for a bit of fun and that."

         "Well you can fun off, I've changed my mind. Anyway, you can't leave Lucy kipping in the car, you've got to get her home."


         "Don't you but me," she said, giving him a stern glance.

         "Don't I get a kiss then?"

         "You can kiss my…" Rosie gave a giggle. "Maybe not, you'd probably enjoy that. Anyway, I'm too tired for anything now and your bloody breath stinks of ale."

         "All right, I'll pick you up tomorrow night then. Goodnight, darling, I love you. Do you love me?"

         "Grow up, Tony, for fuck's sake. I'll see you tomorrow."

         The spirits of Rachel and her companion had been waiting at the house all evening for Rosie to return. They followed her into the living room of a special house they visited many times since it was built.

         Rosie made herself a coffee and sat in the living room, grinning about the way she had complete control over Tony, and still unaware of the company with her.

         "She looks fit and well, does she not?" Rachel said. "Almost ready for extracting from her mortal body. I am lucky it has turned out just right for me."

         "Who needs the luck. There are many like her about, no shortage in these times."

         "You know this is special, this house standing where my cottage stood."

         "Well why wait, why not do it tonight?"

         "It is not time yet. If we are too impatient we could lose her, maybe we would lose the chance and be stuck here for another two hundred years."

         "That is rubbish, we can have a bit of fun with her and if we do lose her, what of it. Like I said, there are many just as good as her. You just do not want to look any further because you are nostalgic over the stupid cottage."

         "You are wrong and I do not mind browsing for a while. We have time to see who else is about, but I want to leave this one alone for now, in reserve. I can always come back for our lewd, promiscuous, wench if I have to. Is that not right, Rosie?"

         Rosie was startled when the spirit mentioned her name as if she had heard her. "Who's there?" she said. "Is that you Mum?" She walked to the passage, but she was alone, her mother was asleep in bed, and the spirits had gone.

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