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by AJG
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Realizing love & need.
I know I love you
But I’ll never be in love,
And I know I want you
But it’ll never be what I need.

I wanted to quench my thirst.
Her first touch
Made my skin crawl
But not like yours does.

I held her hand.
Upset the grooves
Wouldn't match like ours do
I grabbed her hips and grinded together
Trying to fit a strange shaped peg
Into a perfectly round hole
But not in a straight way
Because that’d be weird.

I started as a round peg.
Able to fit anywhere
And flow freely
I didn't get stuck,
You made me.

Like an old wrinkled man
In an equally as old rocking chair
Carving something beautiful
Out of a branch he found in his backyard
You picked me up.

Your long arms wrapped around me
And under your tight squeeze
Our bodies morphed to fit each other,
Everything we've been through
And everything we've done together
Has slowly shaped me.

I fall deeper in love with you every second
I think about my need for you every day and
It took me another girl to realize;
I was wrong.
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