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Rated: E · Other · Horror/Scary · #1982498
A vampire is haunted by the ghost of one of his vicitms.
“The Picture”

         Jerry went through all the photos of some of Georgia’s 40th surprise birthday party and noticed one in particular that threw him through a loop. She stood clear as day dressed in a pure silver dress her long auburn hair touching her broad shoulders. Gleaming at him with her scintillating teal eyes, they were as warm and compassionate as the last day he had seen her. Strength flowed through her veins he could see a robust flare in her olive toned skin. She did not have that pale look that the kiss of death so often impairs on all mortals before leaving this world.

         Could she be back? Impossible he drained every drop of her blood but there she stood towering in height all six feet of her those elegant fingers dangling at her sides. On her right, finger the last token of his love to her still present. Its diamond shaped jewel glistened in the background of the festive evening.

         Throngs of people swarmed around her like children coming to worship a famous superhero. Smirking her pink lips parted and sure enough, she had the symbols of the change. Yet he was sure he didn’t’ change her. He never changed his victims it just never worked out. It only brought drama and stress.

         “What is it baby?” Georgia’s soft hands rubbed his hair her vivid sea blue eyes peered into him wanting an answer.

         “Nothing.” Shaking his head, he knew it could not be true. One thing was true he would be visiting St. Lucy’s Cemetery once Gloria was in bed to check. One thing he did not need was another mistress running around.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1982498-The-Picture