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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Erotica · #1982545
Who isn't ?

" $1 off a pack of any style MARLBORO cigarettes. " Muzzy reads the coupon
and the surgeon general's warning." What kind of a company would sell poison ?
This is evil... " he ponders the meaning of life. " What's bothering you now ? "
Nikki, a cute pixy queried . .. " " Really? Your smoking a pipe ! " Muzzy retorted.
" I like the long stick of my pipe. It makes the hemp sweeter.. " Nikki gave a toothy
smile and fluttered her firefly wings.

" Oh, god ... Your a pot head. Nikki do you ever want to be sober? " Muzzy smirked.
" Silly monkey, life is but a dream.. What will you do in the spirit world ?? " Nikki
fluttered about Muzzy's head. She was no bigger than his thumb.

" You get high for spiritual enlightenment? " Muzzy was sarcastic.

" Mushrooms, the peace pipe or wine; they all help to raise our spirits. " Nikki whispered
and grew to 5 ' 4 " . She kissed Muzzy and milked his throbbing manhood ..
She was as naked as pale moon light. " Now I have smoked your peace pipe. " she
giggled and licked her red lips. " What are you thinking ? " the imp asked batting her
brilliant blue eyes as she rutted on Muzzy's lap.. Muzzy coughed ~

" Can I get you pregnant ? "

" Well, well, well. Are you worried about a changeling ? " Nikki laughed ,
" We could call him Jesus or Marlboro. " Nikki put her tiny feet on either side of his face.
" have a sandwich ! " the imp giggled and sat on Muzzy's face. The hotel television
babbled ," West Borrow Baptist Minister: Fred Phelps is dead at 86.."
Muzzy was enthralled with her honey pot... Nikki winked at the telli and shut it off.
" You monkeys are so silly , but your a great lay. " she gushed....

Muzzy stretched his arms, " Do you believe in Heaven ? "

Nikki gave a toothy smile, " Have a smoke of my pipe. "

Reflections ~ According to Roman Catholic Doctrine , Adolf Hitler could be in Heaven
if he truly believed what he did was good. He would be invincibly ignorant
and protected from the torments of hell. .. Could you spend eternity with
Hitler in Heaven ?

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