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by Peewee
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A nice twist to a story.
         "Isn't it weird having a boyfriend from online?" Amy asks.
"Ken is just a normal teen like us Amy." I respond, mad at her for getting smart with me.
"You never even seen him before how do you know he is even a teen?" She responded.
"He wouldn't lie to me Amy he is not like that." I came back with, shaking my head.
"Whatever Jamie, I'm going to bed now, goodnight." Amy and I were twins. We both had brown hair and green eyes. I was smarter than her and she was taller than me. The knock at my door woke me up in the morning. It was dad and he was mad.
He started yelling at me. I asked him what was wrong he told me "You have an online boyfriend?" I responded yes just to hear him freak out even more. I told him that Ken is a good guy and he is just a teen like me and Amy. He said I didn't know him. I told him he tells me everything about himself. He then responded that I can't trust people over the internet. I then slammed the door in his face. Little did I know these were the last words I would say to him. We live next to the school so we walk every day. Today was a really rainy day so I was wet when I got to school. Amy and I were tenth graders in the high school. Our little brother Jordan was in fifth grade. Some girls picked on me today since I had an online boyfriend. Amy stepped in and stopped them. School today went by quickly after that. It was a Friday so I went to my friend's house for a little bit. I started texting my boyfriend and he seemed different today. It was like he was dark today. He said he had to do something around 3 o'clock so I couldn't text him. I started walking home at around 4 o'clock. I came home and my dad's electric van was parked in the driveway. It was weird since no lights were on. Maybe Amy and Jordan are playing a trick on me, I thought. I went inside to smell the sweet smell of dad's meatloaf. I still couldn't see anyone. I tried turning on the lights but they wouldn't turn on. This couldn't be I thought. Dad's van is in the driveway so they couldn't have gone anywhere. I called my dad just to hear the phone ring in the kitchen. I went to see if he was there he wasn't. I was starting to freak out so I sat down to think. Maybe they went to the neighbors since we lost power. I tried calling the neighbors but they weren't home. It seemed like no one was home. I saw no lights no candles nothing from anyone's house. My phone's battery died and I'm stuck here with no way to contact anyone. I lie down on the couch to try and think. I start to hear the upstairs bathroom sink dripping water, so I went to check. I don't remember a day when the house was this quiet. I hear the steps creak and moan as I walk up them. As I approach the bathroom and reach towards the handle I stop. I looked at the handle and there was something red on it. I slowly turn the knob to see my dad lying on the ground with his head bleeding. As I scream in horror I noticed something on the wall.
It's my name, written in blood. I got up and ran to the door. I tried opening it but it was locked from the outside. As I sit there weeping in the kitchen I notice something. Spelt out on the refrigerator was "Look inside Jamie." As much as I didn't want to I got up and reached for the handle. I opened it to find a brown paper bag. I took it out and opened it. Inside was a finger with my sister's ring on it. I start thinking my sister is dead. As much as I didn't want to I believed it was true. I start wondering who would want to do this to me. I couldn't come up with an answer. I remembered that my dad kept his gun in the basement. I decide it would be best to go get it. I walk downstairs slowly and quietly. I see more blood on the floor and freak out. I didn't want to go farther but I had to get my dad's gun. I to his gun cabinet to find the gun missing. The killer must have taken it so I didn't get it. I decide I should follow the blood and see if they were still alive. It led to the meat freezer. I open it but don't find anything. When I thought I should turn around a hand shot out of the freezer. I pull the meat off to find Amy. I pull her out and take off my sweatshirt and give it to her. She starts to cry hysterically. While crying she whispers Ken a bunch of times. I ask her what about Ken. She responds its Ken, Ken is here. I sit back and say it couldn't be. As I pull her up I noticed her finger is still there. I pull her up the steps and into the living room. I asked her if she knew where Jordan was. She said no Ken took him upstairs. I told her I was through the whole house and didn't see any blood. She asked if I checked the attic. I tell her no I haven't been up there in years. I told Amy that we need to stay together and not be stupid. As Amy and I make our way upstairs I notice a strange smell. It was the smell of gas. We run to the kitchen to find the oven on. We turn it off and realize the light is on inside the oven. Amy opens it and pulls out a finger. Amy and I realize how big it is and conclude that it is dad's finger. I tell Amy that dad is in the bathroom. I didn't notice any of his fingers missing so it must have been cut of recently. It seemed like Ken was taunting us, like he wanted us to find him. I turn to Amy and apologize saying it was my fault. Amy and I go upstairs to the bathroom to look for dad. He was still lying in the bathroom but he was missing a finger. Amy pointed out there was mud on the carpet in the shape of shoe prints. The tracks led to the attic. The attic door was opened. As Amy and I head up the steps I stopped. What if it's a trap, I said. Amy pushes forward though not stopping. I tried holding her back but she is stronger than me. I just gave up and followed her. When we got to the top of the steps the door was closed. As we opened it I saw more blood. Waiting inside was Jordan with a knife sticking out from his chest. He was dead just like dad. He was also missing a finger. In the corner was Ken sitting in a rocking chair. When I looked at him he started laughing. He looked dark unlike the pictures he sent me. He started talking but I was in too much pain to listen. I stood up and asked him why he did this and what did he want. He went quiet and didn't answer me. He just stared at me. It seemed like he wanted me to do something. I went to get the knife from Jordan's chest but it wasn't there. Amy must of picked it up I thought. She must be hiding it so she can stab him. I asked Ken again why he was doing this. This time he responded, "For you Jamie, I did this for you." I turn around to see Amy standing there with the knife. I had no time to react when she stabbed the knife into my stomach. As I lied their bleeding I see Amy walk to Ken and kiss him. Ken laughed and said anything for you Amy. I watched as they left. As I shut my eyes dying I wake up in a hospital. I start screaming from what has just happened. The doctors rushed in to calm me down. I told them everything that has happened. They looked at me like I was crazy. They tell me that I was in a coma for three weeks from getting hit by a car. I told them it couldn't be. It was like I was there and everything. I was stuck in the hospital for a couple more weeks. Every time I go to sleep I scream myself awake from that one nightmare. One night I pulled up my gown. I had a scar where Amy stabbed me.

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