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Rated: 18+ · Monologue · Romance/Love · #1982738
An innocent night out in my hometown brings about an unexpected experience.
A dinner night with my best friends in my small hometown turns into a late night out in a raucous bar in our old stomping grounds for the hell of it. As we make our way through the obnoxious barely legal crowd and find a decent seat in which to better spectate our younger counterparts in all their liquored up youth, we get bombarded by a group of them dancing out barely audible introductions with the rest of their entourage. Fun though they were, but my now somewhat hazy vision landed on a strapping young lad over yonder by the bar staring in my direction. This boldly prompted my puma instincts to prowl on over and tell him he's taking a shot with me. How innocent he looked with his baseball cap and a bit bewildered. To me he looked like a young Clark Kent with his Super-man like features and build, then again, that could have been whiskey vision. I ended up going to his house which was probably not the best decision along with the driving bit...what was I thinking??! I'm 35 for god's sake and shouldn't going over to a 20 something's house much less driving in an inebriated state.

As I finally swerved to our destination, a house shared by 3 of his roommates, I noticed that it also happened to be right next door to my old high school, how quaint. We made our way through the living room and to the kitchen where a few of his friends were hanging out. Mind you the counter was laid out with all kinds of contraband that I care to not disclose...lets just say that movie "Blow" comes to mind.

After a while of "hanging out" the young buck and I stumbled into his bedroom and attempted to make out, however we never got far in our endeavor. I think the farthest base reached of any kind was the removal of our shoes before crashing in a blacked out stupor on his bed. Apparently at some point in the evening, I had woken up to use the restroom, still in said stupor and must have gotten lost, I woke up in a different kind of stupor in the living room on the hide-a-bed with one of his roommates sleeping by my feet. Talk about feeling disoriented...So I quickly got up and attempted to find my belongings, I went back into the Lad's room which resembled ground zero, it was a miracle that I actually found my boots in the heap. I attempted to wake him but that was a fruitless effort, so I made my exit hoping to never return nor continue any sort of follow up with the guy, especially with the fact that I am 15 years his senior...yikes!!

However, he did text me later in the day saying I left my scarf there...I seriously contemplated counting that as a loss, even if it was one of my favorites. However, he was pretty persistent so I agreed to meet him closer in town at a nice little spot. I was a bit weary of what I would run into, as the only time I had seen him was in my whiskey infused haze and the reality would be quite the opposite of not a strapping Clark Kent but of a scraggly short pimply kid. However to my relief and surprise, he was tall dark and handsome as I had hoped which made things a bit harder. As I sat there talking to this young man, so dreamy in his innocence, he was actually quite bright, well versed, witty, and charming. So our little date was turning out to be a very pleasant one. There was a funny little incident when I was returning from the ladies room. As I made my way back to my seat, I noticed he was texting a message. As I sat down, I saw that I had just received a message, so I took a quick look and saw that it was from him. I glanced his way wondering if he knew that he sent the message that was intended for his friend to me. Realizing he hadn't a clue, I had to try and keep a straight face as we continued our date. The message was just a short and sweet one that said simply "F*&K, I forgot how cool she was". I thought it was cute, along with the look that he had on his face after he sent it. Ha! Anyways, we talked about relationships and how he's tired of the girls his age and would like to be in a committed relationship etc. I had to make sure he understood how old I was, but he didn't seem to mind, however, the thing is, I would mind. I need someone that is compatible with me at my level in life, not someone that is still figuring out his resume. However, the time spent with him compared to the guys that are more my age as of late anyways was a much less frustrating experience. It could be that he's not tainted yet by all the horrors of life, he's way more upfront about his feelings, which you'd think a guy with more experience would do. So far that hasn't been the case yet with me. I think I scare older men for some reason, and the young ones flock to me. I have no idea why. But I guess I should just take it in stride and at least have fun for now and see where it lands me. I was okay in the realm of Pumadom, however I have breached the 10 years or less mark...(sigh).
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