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Between to poeple
This must be a trick. I can’t believe you did this to me. After all that we have been through. But yet you still choice to do what you did. I loved you with all my heart and soul. I guess that doesn’t matter to you. I guess these five years was just a joke. The things you did and said to me were just a joke too right. We were supposed to have kids together too. Live the life we always wanted to live. Be together through it all. Your mother not liking me for what reason I do not know. I guess that’s why we couldn’t last. She was always there. Always in our business not showing our relationship respect. That’s all I ever wanted from her was respect because I showed her that. But I guess that wasn’t possible for her to do that. You told me that she did that to all your relationships and you weren’t going to let her do that to ours. But you did you ended us without a word without even saying goodbye. I really thought we were fine. That we were getting through all the obstacles that passed us by. You didn’t you let ever little thing get to you. You let everyone push your buttons because they knew how too. All you had to do was worry about what happened between the two of us. No you really could not do that could you? So here we are not talking not doing anything. I miss you so much. You say you miss me too. But I cant let this happen again too me cause I know you will do it again. To be honest it has to be a trick.
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