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a small story about two school children who decide to cheat on an exam
Frantically, Molly scrambles down the stairs.
"I'm coming mom, wait for me please," Molly called.
Just as she was zipping up her book bag she heard a 'vroooooom'. There was her mom backing out of the driveway.
"Shoot", mutters Molly, in disappointment. A sullen look across her high glossed lips, she thought, 'If I just forgot about makeup this day then I would have not missed the ride."
Molly crossed the cat sleeping on the doormat and entered the properly cleaned kitchen. Her mom was not someone from whom she inherited a cleanliness gene.. The counter and the sink were spotless as usual.
"Not even a bit of cereal left on the table" She exclaimed to herself.
She had a bit of envy at her moms organization. She made herself toast and eggs. The eggs were runny and the toast was burnt. Then out the door she ran.
Suddenly her books flew out of her hand as her hands met hard on the pavement. Her books were now sprawled out on the neighbours lawn.
"Hey stupid! You knocked me down! What do you think you are doing?" Someone shouted.
It was Veronica the school bully.
"I'm sorry. I was in a hurry. The test is today and I do not want to be late", said Molly.
Molly always felt anxious on test days. She had high hopes for herself. Veronica did not care about grades. She used her charm and socialization to get where she wanted, or so she thought.
"Ya well you better let me copy from you this time", Veronica said.
"What? How? I mean...won't we get caught?," Molly asked.
Starring Molly in the eyes Veronica exclaimed, "Only idiots get caught. Besides you are smart, figure out a way to do it or ...i will tell everyone you like bobby."
Bobby the star soccer player at school. He had been Molly and Veronica's crush. But he did not seem to notice either one of them. Still they were competing over him like it was worthy of a metal.
"Well. I could pass you a note when I get up to go to the bathroom," Molly suggested.
"Good," Veronica replied, "Do that with as many answers as you can give."

At school, the teacher handed out the test as each person entered the class. Molly could not look in the teachers eyes. And her hands were shaking so much as she took the test. Sixth grade was tough. Social humiliation at her age would set her up for a rough high school stage. She resigned her conviction not to cheat and agree to send Veronica the note.
About twenty minutes later, Molly heard Veronica cough. That was the signal.
Nervously, she got out of her see to pass the note. Just as she set the note on veronicas' desk the teacher called her name. Suddenly, Molly felt faint and her head was spinning. Her mistake had been obvious to the teacher. .But she was prepared to accept her punishment as the embarrassment of Bobby knowing her crush was evidently more dangerous than the upset of her parents.
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