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Rated: 13+ · Prose · Romance/Love · #1982973
I loved you here for a little while, and forever in my heart.
We're only here a little while and in the blink of an eye- we're gone.
It's true you'll look back one day and wonder how the years could have passed so quickly.
I reminisce of yesterdays as you will too. I remember your first smile how it was brighter than any star. I remember your smell, sweeter than any flower. I remember the feel of your breath against my cheek, more relaxing than any touch. And the sound of your heartbeat as I would rock you to sleep, those moments were more peaceful than any song. I can still see it in mind, that twinkle in your eyes and the way you first held my finger. Oh, the memories whirl around me like a comforting blanket. Your first day of school day, and how we both cried like babies. All the holidays, the boo boo's on the knees, the day at the beach,first loves,the tears, graduation, all the dreams, the day I became a granny, through it all, in sickness and in heath. But what absolutely amazed me the most was the way you took hold of my heart.
The death of loved ones.
That was fast. Did I not tell you?
So now I'm gone and you wish I were there with you. You have things you meant to say. And you love me and miss me so much.
I know these things. For I love you and miss you too.
You want forgiveness,but there is nothing to forgive. I was never angry, only hurt.
Being hurt is a chance we all take when we love so much. And I wouldn't change loving you for anything in the world.
Sometimes life gets in the way, I know.
And you wish we had just one more day.
But I was with you many years. And like everyone else you always thought we would have tomorrow. We are not promised any thing more than the moment we are in and the chance to love and be happy.
The choice is ours in how we spend those moments, and in how we love or not,and how we wish to be remembered.
I chose to love you and always have. I've adored you all my days and held your hand for as long as you would allow. And my heart is still filled with love for you, a love so intense that when your final words to me echo in my mind,
and the pain of it all pierces my heart, yes tears fill my soul , but my heart still flows with love..
As I'm writing this I hear the streets grow silent as a funeral procession passes by, and I wonder how many of them have regrets. I think in the end we all do.
I know I regret not having much to leave you. Only my love and these words.
I regret many things but most of all I regret the days we spent apart, I regret not seeing your face one more time, to hold you in my arms like once I did. I regret not being able to say how proud I am of you. Or to remind you just how much you are loved. By me for a moment and by many forever.
The only thing I don't regret is loving you. The ability to love is a blessing. And the ability to love even when it's not returned is a gift.
It is unconditional love.
So don't burden your heart with "if only" and "what if".
Life passes by too fast for that.
I was lucky enough to love you here for a little, but I'll love you in my heart forever.
You have a family and you all love each other-so tell them-now. Hug one another often, laugh everyday. Kiss with passion especially when you're 80. Forgive right away. Always ask yourself if the anger is worth holding on to. No, it is not. It leads to words you can never take back, and you lose precious moments that you can not recreate.. Saying you're sorry may help a little, but the scars left behind never fade away. Do these things so when you leave this world you may have few regrets.
As I go away today and hear the sweet words I can't help but wonder.
Why must we be dead before we are truly missed? And why must we be covered in dirt before we really shine?
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