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I will be your buddy...
      Jesus was a religious man.+  Tom Cruse is a vacuum salesman.
      I had my first great blow job with my dad's Hoover shop vac.. Any who.
      This morning I watched Olivia Munn explain how she likes to give
      blow jobs and how she can't get a boyfriend .. Olivia , I will be your
      boyfriend. I don't care if your annoying. I love blow jobs.

      Let's begin with my bio or world view.. Essentially, I think the world is
      doomed. So, there's plenty of time for us to screw around.. Why bother
      with a career or saving the planet ?  I like Ben Afleck as Batman.
      So, what ?  It's a friggin cartoon !  In the words of Linda Lascola ~

                  " I know many clergymen who don't believe in the supernatural.
                    They just want to give advice on a happy sex life."

      Even the clergy want a good blow job... The apostle Mathew
      wrote (or some monk made it up) that there are demonacs, who obtain power
      through succubus.  Have you thought about that Olivia ?  I presume your not demonic.
      I think it's MT 8:29.  I'm probably miss quoting... Do you like spankings ?
      This morning I also learned how the masons want to raise Horus, the God of the
      underworld ... His faloc is represented in the Washington monument.
      The womb of Isis is represented in the Vatican square with another Egyptian
      needle erected to Horus' pecker.  I like your bouncy cleavage . Do you like whip cream ?
      Do you like whips ?

      What would Enoc say about our fling ?  I suppose he just tell us to stay away
      from the Jews.  We're the unclean gentiles.. Hmm. but my mom was of Jewish
      descent.. But, I'm an apostate and Enoc would banish me or execute me for heresy.
      Enoc is important to masons too... in the raising of Horus..  I met a mason in my
      youth.. He said that science could bring back the giants of the old testament that
      walked the earth before the flood. It is written that angels took wives from the sons
      of Adam and they bore Nephilim~ giants.  I have a large Nephilim in my pants.
      Can you dig it Olivia ?

      Maybe we could have a Clubhouse meal at Mickey Dees ?
      I like your Asian junk.. Let's take a hot bath together with a big sponge.

    Thoughtfully with lust ,



    P.S.  You'd be a kickass Wonder Woman.


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