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What is impossible for God ?
      Personally, I like John Huston as Noah.
      But, if you believe in the existence of God , then the Noah story is not impossible.
      Aquinas wrote that we exist in the mind of God..
      God can remake all of his creation within his mind.
      Therefore , nothing is impossible for God.

      But, how can the existence of God be proven if life is a dream ?
      The Hindu would say God exists within you.
      Aquinas observed cause and effects in nature , which pointed to a first cause.
      But, God is supernatural in this theology. A natural God could be immortal ,
      but still subject to natural order. Noah's God is supernatural and can break
      natural law and logic. So, two of every kind entered Noah's ark no matter how
      impossible that appears to natural reason...

      The scary side of a God not bound by nature is a God not bound by morality
      either.  Such a God would have a very cruel agenda and nothing could stop it.
      Noah's story tell us God is capable of killing every living creature save Noah
      and his kin and live stock. Is this a good God?
      Can we judge God?  A supernatural God would have foresight beyond human
      knowledge.. This is a puzzlement.

      I'll be watching for Russel Crow's Noah.

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