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A story about my life and my experiences.
Just a Social Deviance

         My life is has been an emotional roller coaster for the past 18 months. I never thought I would become like this or have this type of lifestyle. Before all of this happened I was just a regular person in grade 10 at 15 years old. I played the piano, I rode my bike, I was working as a babysitter at the time as well. I was your everyday teenager. I’ve had a few girlfriends by this time but I never seemed to be happy with them. They never really clicked with me emotionally. Besides, I was too busy with school to deal with girls.

         This book is about my life as a teenage homosexual boy in which I seem like the social deviance to the world. This book reveals content in my life that exposes the truth and reality of what it is like to be a gay teenager. We aren’t all happy and jump around with rainbows and shout “We’re Gay!” in the streets. Sadly, there are people like me who just haven’t been able to experience the happiness that some people experience.

         Sometimes the truth hurts. Being called gay or faggot in the hallways at school have naturally become part of life. Many of us have become attuned to name calling like this and we don’t do anything about it. I know that for me being called gay or hearing the word faggot is a derogatory term. To me, calling a homosexual a faggot is the same thing as calling a black person a nigger. They both hurt, they both are derogatory and no one deserves to be called either of them.

         I cover a lot of names in this book from boyfriends, to adults, to friends and more. Most of the names I will mention have been changed because what you will read is very personal between myself and that person, and I do not want to give up the identity of this person.

         I’m going to be covering a lot of topics in this book. My life, my family, friends, gay friends, support, bullying and many other topics that directly relate to myself being a homosexual. If you are a gay male or a homosexual person you will understand everything in this book. Perhaps you may have gone through it yourself. Maybe you are a hetrosexual and are interested in the types of pressure or stress that homosexual guys go through. Anyone reading this book however is intelligent enough to know that homosexuals are the social deviance and sadly, it’s the truth.

As you progress through the chapters keep in mind that this is a true novel and everything has happened at least once. These are real people with real feelings.

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