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short story
Most kids love the woods. I did.

I loved climbing trees, running through the forest, not to mention the exciting glimps of an animal or strange new insect every now and again.

And then it happened...or you could say it hit me, quite literally.

I was climbing a large pine with several friends cheering me on.  I stretched out my hand and tugged on the vine testing to see if it would hold my weight and seeing that it would I put my full weight on it intending to climb up to the next branch.

I shifted, tilted my head to the right to get a better view, when...


A mass of wet, cold, and sliminess crashed right into my ear.

Naturally I did what any ten year old would do, I let go and began to claw at my ear dropping 7 feet down to the ground in the process

Kids bounce better than adults. Thank God.

And I as up again digging at the ear, I mean you can't just get a wet, slimy mass out of your ear when it's wedged in.

I get the feeling it aimed for my ear. It was a perfect shot! One in a million!

Was he going for my brain?

Was ultimate control over my body the goal?

Taking over the world next?

I'll never know, because one of the worst evil, vile, nefarious arch-nemesis I'd ever faced in my short ten years of life died millimeters from my ear drum.

It is hard to get the remains of said nemesis out of an ear, and once you've been touched by such an evil, there's no going back.


Had to give him credit, he went down fighting, made a huge mess in his wake and made sure he'd never be forgotten.

Those once beautiful woods became a bit more menacing after that.

Moral of the story?

Salt. It's a good thing after all.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1983798