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Welcome to the world of the pixalated!
Welcome to the HUB!

As we have detected this is your first character creation, we will need to give you some basic information. First, you will be equipped with two (2) pieces of our latest equipment. You will first be given a Wrist Tablet with access to a variety of features such as Time, Weather (in your location), and other features dependent on your current Server. You will also be given a pair of our latest HUD Glasses, allowing you to see vital information such as your health information and other statistics depending on your current Server.

Second, you will be dropped into one of our four (4) Servers: Role-Playing, Survival, Super Power, or Shooter. Throughout these Servers, you have one common goal: DO NOT LOSE. Although there is no penalty for losses as you will Respawn shortly after, you will lose all memory of your past lives and be randomly placed into a different Server. The definition of a loss differs for what Server you are placed in:

• RPG- The definition of a loss in a RPG is when you are killed. Be it by another player or a NPC character, death is death. Upon death, you will lose all memory and progress and be randomly placed in a new Server

• Survival- As the goal of the Survival Server is to survive at all costs, a loss will be given to you upon your death. Like a RPG, you will be wiped of your memory and progress and randomly placed in a Server.

• Super Powers- In the Super Powers Server, the definition of a loss is slightly different than the RPG or Survival Servers. To lose is to lose a match itself. During that match, you have infinite Respawns with no memory or progress penalty. You will be randomly generated a new character class and be placed back into the Match. After the match has ended, the losing player/team Respawns, has their memory and progress wiped, and is placed in a new Server.

• FPS- A loss in the FPS Server is identical to the definition of the Super Powers Server. The only difference is that if you are killed during a match, you can choose the player class you wish to Respawn with for the duration of the match.

Now that we have covered the basics, it is time for you to get into the game. The HUB wishes that you keep the game fair and clean. Good luck!

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