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by Sam
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Atlantis Carson is just your average high schooler with an "abnormal" but relateable life.
"Okay, I'll need you to fill out the bottom half and then hand it back to the reception desk." says the lady.

I nod and she adds,

"Do you know where the reception desk is?"


"Just making sure."


I turn around and go sit in a chair. I look at the paper and sigh. Easy questions for a job questioner. Name, age, relationship, major, and why do you want this position.

Name: Atlantis Carson

Age: 15

Relationship: No

Major: Music and Literature

Why do you want this position?: I *would like* this position because I believe it will broaden and open my options on my future career in Entertainment. Also this will help me get some practice before I hit the big leagues.

There.. Easy. I double check my slip and then hand it in.

"We will have the results back to you by next month." states the lady.

"Okay, I'll be waiting."

She nods and I rush outside to my mom's Nissan.

"Hey how'd you do?" she asks.

"How am I supposed to know? I have to get to school before the lines get to long."

"Of course."

She starts the car and speeds off. When we pull up to school, I get out after I say a quick goodbye to my mom and stand at the door, sighing. Sampson J. High School. The most common high school known for, over the top parties and most of all teen pregnancies. They're not really all that strict down here. My palms get sweaty and let out a breath I didn't know I was holding.

"I can do this," I whisper to myself. "I can-"

"Atlantis!" someone squeals.

I smile and turn around to see my best friends since secomd grade. Jill Hawthorne and Daniela Brandon. They run towards me and give me a hug.

"Oh my goodness! Look at you! How was your summer?" Dani asks.

"It was okay, you know the usual. What about you two?"

"It was so much fun!" Jill squeals.

"Mine was fun too... If you count doing every single advanced Technology workbook in existence fun." Dani sighs.

"The rents'?" Jill asks.

"Yes, ever since my mom met Ben, she's been all over my work load."

Ah classic Dani. Her parents had gotten a divorce about a year ago and her mom got remarried. She's been encouraging a.k.a forcing her to focus more on her career in computer technology.

"I feel sorry for you Dani, my parents don't really encourage me to focus on one thing. Except for my one true dream."

And of course, my closet friend Jill. She wants to be an actress and her parents don't truly push her to decide now. As with my parents, they don't really care at all. They don't ask, they don't ever try to find out.

"We ready for this girls?" I ask.

"Crossing over from geekiness to hotness!"

"Or in our case geekiness to geekier-ness." Dani mumbles.

I laugh and then we each exchange looks with each other. Time to go in.... Here we go.

Time to start our lives as the infamous freshmen.
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